We Recreated ‘Once Upon..’ Posters In Tollywood Style & The Result Is LIT AF


Brad Pitt , Leonardo DiCaprio.. Hollywood movies chuse vaallaki introduction avasaram leni names, Bradpitt is famous for movies like Troy, curious case of benjamin button, Where Leonardo DiCaprio is famous for Inception and Titanic. So vaalliddaru kalisi oka movie chesthunnaru aa movie ye ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’ . Trailer kuda chaala bagundi and ee movie June lo release avtondi. Poster of this movie is simple but beautiful.


So Ippudu ikkada unna article vishayaniki vasthe Ee movie poster ki konchem mana tollywood nativity tagilinchi, Konni random telugu movies ki Once Upon a time tag tho rename chesaam. Idantha kevalam kaasepu navvukovadaaniki maatrame, chusi navvukuni meeku tattina ideas ni share cheskuntaarani aasisthu.., let’s shuru… share the fun 🙂


1. Once upon a time there was village, Rangasthalam, In that village there was an evil President and a good Sound Engineer, Then what happened is Rangasthalam


2. Once upon a time during Ranji Trophy, A cricketer came to play after 10 years gap with motivation of his coach…


3. Once upon a time in Basarlapudi, A young boy came to an old man’s house. Everyone thought he is the grandson of that old man but the truth is he is a killer.


4. Once upon a time in Relangi, Two Brothers had problems in life but they faced it and brought some smiles in their life.


5. Once upon a time in IPL Season, A bank was Robbed. A smart guy caught the robber in a super smart way..


6. Once upon a time in Mahishmathi kingdom, There was a war between a cruel king and a real King


7. Once upon a time on Railway tracks, A man fought with his enemy, When the love of his life is shouting “Baaaaaava”


8. Once upon a time in a Private space, A love couple were caught and rest is Arjun reddy


9. Once upon a time in a Meghana travel bus, A boy listened to a bad suggestion of his friend and messed his life.


10. Once upon a time in a garage, Not only problems but people were also getting repaired..


11. Once upon a time in Ramavaram, A man solved issues of that village, thanks to his friend.


Meeru kuda mee own version chesara.. aithe kindha comments lo veyandi..


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