9 Market Places In Hyderabad That Have A Long History Dating Back To The Era Of The Nizams!

Hyderabad is a splendid city to live in. It is a way of living to people and also a ray of hope to certain others. But, apart from these things there is rich cultural heritage and Iconic aspects which justifies it as the “City of Nawabs”. It is an absolute paradise for anyone who loves food or shopping because whole of Hyderabad itself is a huge market place. Yes, you heard it right!!
And here’s the list of Famous Hyderabadi Market places built by the Nizams or formed as early as the 18th century:
1. Monda Market:
The shoppers’ paradise, Monda Market is famous for their rare and irregular items which are not available in the nearest localities. Apart from the vegetables, other provisions like gold and silver ornaments, vegetables, clothes, fruits, flowers, grains and fancy items, are available here from sunrise to sunset.
2. Mir Alam Mandi:
A word is that this Mandi was built back in 1806 and was named after Mir Alam Bahadur the then Prime Minister of Hyderabad. Situated in the eastern side of Patthargatti, this wholesale vegetable market trades in all kinds of fresh stuff from 5.30am in the morning.
3. Begum Bazaar:
Established during the Qutb Shahi rule, Begum Bazaar was named after Humda Begum who gifted this land to the merchants of Hyderabad for trade and commerce. It is usually famous for the availability of its household commodities, spices, fishes and eateries.
4. Mozam Jahi Market:
The Mozam Jahi Market, located at the junction of Jawaharlal Nehru Road (from GPO), Nampally Station Road was built way back in 1933. The City Improvement Board wanted to construct a market place similar to “Universal Stores” in the West and the result was Mozam Jahi Market.
5. Laad Bazaar:
Laad Bazaar is situated on one of the 4 main routes that branch out from the iconic Charminar. This age old market popular for bangles, pearls, pagidi’s to sarees and dress materials is one of the most preferred shopping destinations for the localities as well as visitors.
6. Madina:
Also known as “Chourasta Bazaar” Madina is another famous place which specializes in garments and clothes for wedding and other occasions. This was initially constructed for the residents of Madina, a holy city for muslims in Saudi Arabia. An amusing fact is that the bridal dresses are also exported to countries like USA, Europe, Middle east, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
7. Sultan Bazaar:
This is another age old commercial market in Hyderabad. Located in between other commercial areas like Koti and Abids Sultan Bazaar is another paradise for ladies shopping. It also branches out from badi-chowdi.
8. General Bazaar:
General Bazaar was one of the main markets built in Secunderabad. Later it was transformed and split up into several other bazaars like Pot market, Tobacco bazaar and etc.
9. Rezimental Bazaar:
This was the by market of General Bazaar which was built for the convenience of travelers and visitors to stop by and purchase.
Though there are several malls nothing beats a day out and the fun in these street markets.

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