A Hyderabadi’s Frustrated Open Letter to The Taxi Aggregators OLA & Uber!

Dear Team Ola/Uber,

Hi, let me get straight into the point with you folks. You guys are amazing. Yes, you are pretty awesome and no matter what follows later on I sincerely appreciate the services you’ve provided. Your companies have grown catastrophically like no other and you changed the course of cab-riding experience for us. Cab owners, while you got almost everything right, you have seriously messed with the main aspect in cab service, “Billing”. I personally don’t want to lose on services like yours, but the way you charge people is causing an outrage and is making cab ride a “luxury thing” than a basic need.

What actually happened?

Previously cab rides in Hyderabad were pretty expensive and all thanks to you, it was brought down initially. But, wait it hasn’t actually! Here comes the crucial point, “why the hell would we take a ride with you if you are charging the same as autowalas?” With the surge pricing or peak hour increased charges you guys are literally over-charging us. Remember? In the beginning when you were showcasing your over the top fancy advertisements about the charges? You now came back to the same stage as others and are finding an excuse to literally dig a hole in our pocket.


Hyderabad is known for its infrastructure and transport facilities. Each and every nook and corner of the city is interlined and Autowalas are one of the strong pillars for this. Though various aspects like rude behavior, Over Charging and climatic situations have affected it very badly. This was the point where cab owners took over like a storm and became dominant in market.

Never Ever Mess with your customers!!

Thus far, you and your company have been affected badly by angering your most valuable asset: us, the customers. Need some reference? Just have a look at your FB posts or DMs in Twitter you’ll know how frustrated we are. In the beginning, your company was great for customers, you treated us well and we loved you for that. As a result, we used to take services even for basic journeys. Little did we know that it would be a short-lived happiness that you used to lure us, just so that you can execute your plans and strategies towards customer domination at any cost, regardless of how much harm you caused to those who helped you to get where you are today?

We agree that surge pricing at times helps you to maintain the booking ratio but not every time and not every day, like seriously – 2.0X to 12X! What were you even thinking about charging that much? Now get back to the basics and shower us with the same love and dedication you have shown in Karnataka and Delhi! Your public relations will develop, your customers will be happier with better services you provide. So, will your company’s overall economic figures. However, if you refuse to bring down the extra charges then you’ll soon face the same situation as in Delhi where the Govt. has asked all the aggregators to put a full stop to surge pricing.

– Yours truly
A Frustrated Hyderabadi.

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