This Lady Singing ‘Oh Cheliya’ Will Leave You Pleasantly Surprised


Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Everyday we see a lot of talented people who train on a certain skill and perform it in front of people. But there are also people in the world, who never got a chance to showcase their talent, they just live their daily life without realising how talented they are.

One such person we’re talking about today is, this amazing lady who sang AR Rahman’s ‘Oh Cheliya’ in such a beautiful way that you’ll be both stunned and mesmerised.

Since yesterday, this video is going viral, a lot of people have been sharing onto their FB walls and wondering who wonderful woman is.

Singer Raghu Kunche garu also immediately responded after seeing her talent and came forward to help, and asked for her details.

So if any of you, who are reading this, know anything about this lady, do tell us in the comments below, we’ll be updating her details in this article and let everyone know about her, So that who ever is willing to help her or give opportunities can reach out to her.

Here’s the video:
Watch till the end (the volume increases).


Talent must be encouraged, no matter what.


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