This Sherlock Sampath’s Marana Maass Analysis Of NOTA Will Give You Eye Cancer


Hi, this is Sherlock Smapath. Recent ga chala mandhi Trailer breakdowns chesthunnaru..andhuke nenu kuda NOTA trailer ni dissect chesa. oka look veyyandi.

Views expressed in this article are strictly satirical and written with Soo many grammatical errors. Any resemblance of recent trailer breakdown is purely coincidental.


1. Trailer open chesthe ‘cauvery river’ ..pedda urumulu merupulu
city lo unde cheruvulu anni nindi poyayi..ippudu ventane manam gates etthesthe chala pranthalu munigipothay saar‘. Which city has more cheruvulu?
Ee movie Kerala lo floods vasthayani mundhe expect chesindha? illuminati confirmed.


2. VD entry ..fortuner car lo formals vesukuni dhigaadu..meeru sarigga chusthe SVSC cinemalo Mahesh Babu mannerism tho shirt kindhaki anukunnadu . I think he is Bharath’s brother .Naakendhukoo aa body guard medha anumanam ga undhi..vaadu vaadi vaalakam. is that car petrol/diesel??


3. Nassar garu ‘Athadu’ cinema lola medaki kattu kattukunnaru. Ikkada 11-13 cameras unnayi.
Atu side bandi number plate KL 11, ante kerala loni Kozhikode district nunchi vacchindhi. endhuku? is this related to floods?


4. ‘Just go with the flow‘ ani Sathyaraj antunnaru. Em flow . Floods a? flirtng a ? manam flirt cheyyatam ela ani pulihora kalipe frind daggara advice teeskunnappudu vadi nunchi ilanti dialogues ae vasthayi.


5. ‘Sir naaku assalu idea nu ledhu experience ledhu‘ ani VD antunadu.
abhaa… Arjun Reddy lo 550 times chesav idea ledhanta” I think this is the inner feeling of Sathyaraj garu.


6. ‘Ee video game lo straight ga last level ki velli aadava eppudaina?
Jabbalu kanipinche baneen vesukuni VD PUB-G aaduthunnattu unnadu , aa kallalo excitement ..chicken dinner vacchinappudu unde happiness more over next shot lo (10) lo pochinki lo car blast symbolic representation . Ikkada car nuber DL 1 CP 4455 idhi DL 1 ante North Delhi vehicle ante blast akkada jaruguthunda????? Paapam aa baddi kottu vadiki insurance undho ledho?


7. police vehicle San Andreas type lo chase ..em jarigi untundhi? #isVDsafe????


8. That blue tint and high end camera ..evari photo teesthunnadu he going to leak something this the next big thing after #Suchileaks ..what is his importance in this film. who is that actor ??


9. VD showing off his signature moves. The chemistry between them is breath taking.


10. Ohh..Someone took her breath away..that girl is deadd. close ga chusthe aame nose daggara cocaine undhi …did she die of a drug overdose or someone killed her?? …pillows antha thellaga unnayi ante denitho unthiki untaru?


11. That one dialogue which you hear every time from every movie cop ever “ninnu oorike vadhilipettanu


12. That one dialogue which you hear fom every rich kid ” telusu dabbulisthe vadhilesthav


13. Sathyaraj garu saying ” nenu cheddilu vesukunna rojullone nekannte chalane chesanu” proving the fact that he has been mixing pulihora from diaper age.


14. Marana mass frame ..this looks like a wallpaper..the use of multiple colors i.e blue in the foreground and that some other color in the back ground and the use of lens flare from bottom right corner …masterful cinematography and vijay’s sitting style is engaging and intriguing.


15. Wait is this still from yem mantram vesave??…alisipoyina VD? Em chesi alisipoyadu ??


16. Mehreen is asking ‘mee toothpaste lo uppunda type of questions‘.
she is a reporter . ‘ dummy CM ae intha dummy aa??‘ is her dialogue. okkaroju CM concept chusam..asalu what is this dummy CM concept ??
idhi mukhyamantri padhava leka musical chairs aata??” is Mehreen thinking that is a biggboss task? why is she thinking like that??


17. oohhh i got it Mehreen is the daughter of Sathyaraj garu. you can see her photo in the background he says ‘ ippudu ardharathrulu prakatanalu cheyyatam oka fashion aipoyindhi‘ who is he saying this dialogue to ??????


18. Nassars’ neck is fine and he says” time baledhani swami ji chepparu


19. Agaiin neck fasakk ..asalu whats wrong with your neck nassar garu?


20. As you can observe swamiji gari gundu chala nunnaga undhi..em oil vaadathro emo chala merusthundhi…that styling is awesome, stylist used pure earth colours.


21. Drone -every wedding photographers dream..some thing fishy happening aa wire lu avi chusthunte pakka bomb blast ..where is the bomb?? in the drone?? the use of technology is top notch. one word- Technical brilliance.


22. Well done you fucking politicians anna malli form loki vacchadu maku dubbing chance icchadu. There are 3 photo frames on the wall . those frames are made out of wood. Nice production design.


23. Is this movie taking place in the time of diwali?? is releasing at the time of diwali??


24. Aattt anna mass in class look ..that one guy looking at the camera …dandalayya song playing in my mind. is this the ‘padamara kondallo‘ moment in this movie


25. againnnnn no neck band. Is the neck band a reccuring character in this movie?? That detailing, next level stuff.


26. Indhake deepavali anukunna..ippudu holi aa ..what is happening.. anni rojulu gadichpoyaya. Ante CM ayyi 6 months. what happened in these 6 months?


27. VD is crying …’anna ki emanna aithe rasthralu thagalapadi pothay moment‘ .


28. this is called as bus barbecue…


29. That ‘take care of of your ear drum‘ moment ..i think he is going to give oath as a new CM. that symmetric framing goosebumps.


30. Ohh shit CM is pissed off ….is this the time for a monolouge ??? about what


31. Nassars’ leg is also broken wtf. Saar Nassar garu em chesthunnaru saar mimmalni.


32. Is that the packet of ‘Aachi chicken masala’..brilliant marketing strategy by Kattappa.


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