10 Nostalgic Multiplayer Games We All Played Before PUBG Was Cool


Ippudante, ‘Aaahh yenakamaala.. byaackside.. byaackside..’ ani PUBG aaduthunnaru kani, manam chinnapudu crazy multiplaer games undevi, that we used to play with our friends and siblings. Games that united people, Have a look:


1. Contra

Before gaming was, before 6 pack abs were cool.. asal ‘Multiplayer’ ante ento theliyani time lo kuda, 2 player game edhanna pichi ga aadamu ante, adhi idhe. The game that introduced everyone to multiplayer gaming.


2. Tekken

6th class chadive rojulu avi.. intlo ‘9999 in 1’ ane cute cassette lo pani chese 50 game lu aadesi, bore kotti, inti nunchi bayataki oste, video game shops lo curtains esi, school maanesi mari tekken aadevaallam. remember, KO ?


3. Need For Speed

Video games cassette poi, gaming shops poi.. Intlo ki oka pedha dabba PC ochina rojulu avi. Internet motham appudappude Road Rash aadesi, ‘Need For Speed’ ane latest racing game meedha gattiga trip ayyam appatlo.


4. Cricket ’07

S.Tendehar, D.Dhenier, G.Gemphir .. gurthostunda emanna..summer holidays motham ‘E A S p o r t s to the gaaame’ ane tune vintune gadipese vaallam, crazy, I Say.


5. Far Cry 2

Ippatidaaka aadina games anni offline prapancham lo aadesthe.. ikkada nunchi ‘LAN’ ki alavatu ayyi, 10-10 members teams ga divide ayyi, maps pettukoni, kotteskune vaallam.


6. Call Of Duty

nation wide deeniki oka seperate fan base undedhi. In fact, competitions kuda jarigevi, bhari prize money kuda ichevaru. *Really missing those crazy old days*


7. Counter Strike

Ee game gurinchi hostellers ki baaaaga telsu. Night antha kurchotam, LAN ki connect aipoyi, aadeskotam, next day college bunk kottadam. Idhi daily routine.


8. Clash of Titans / Clans / Royale

These were the days when Multiplayer gaming came to mobile. Edhedho kattestaru, kulchestaru, ammestaru.. gattigane addict ayyru mari ee games ki.


9. Mini Militia:

The list is incomplete without this game. Mini Militia was literally PUBG, 4 years ago. Classes jarugutunnapude, phone kinda petti, aadese vaallam.


Ikkada observe cheste, inkonni years lo some other viral game will soon replace PUBG, no ? What say ? Also do tell us what was your favorite multiplayer growing up.


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