10 Things Every Non-Engineering Student is Tired of Hearing


Contributed by Harika Mahalakshmi

Engineering… deneeki unna craze antha intha kadu. dini mida youth ki oka never ending love. ala love entha ante Every year lakhs of Engineering student’s campus nundi adugulu bayata pedutunna, anthaku double no of student’s campus lopala adugu pedutunnaru. asalu Tenth tarwata inter ae chadutamo alage Inter tarawata Engineering ae chadavali ani fix ayepoyindi annamata. aite Non-Engineering Student’s ante edo pedda tappu chesinattu chustaru. inka vallaki edurayye questions ante cheppanavasaram ledo… ala adige konni lakhs of questions lo konni mukyamainavi teesukovadam jarigindi….


P.S: idi Engineering Students kincha paracha daniki kadu ani manavi…


1. After Engineering You Can Do Anything. But Why This? What Will You Do After This?


Career options go beyond Engineering and Medicine. ive unnaya… mari Mass Communications, Law, Social Work, Law, Traditional Degree chadivevallu brathakadam leda? Tell me… Tell me I say……

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2. Didn’t You Get Through Eamcet or AIEEE or IIT?


Ante B. Tech lo join avvaledu ante Eamcet lo rank raledu, AIEEE attempt cheyyaledu or IIT ki range ledu anthena…agandi okkasari… kadandi mundu vallaki interest ledu…

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3. Don’t Worry, You Can Be Happy Without Money


The biggest myth of among all; that Engineers are the only ones who get paid a lot… Nijame kani ade matrame nijam kadu… Degree chadivina vallu sampadistaru money…remember…

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4. Wait- Do You Know What You Want?


Maybe that is the reason why I opted for this option; which, by the way, anything other than Engineering. ante idi chadavaka pote na life ento naku teliyada? aiet B.tech chadivi life lo inka clarity leni vallu, enduku chaduvutunnamo teliyani vallu chala mande unnaru.

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5. You Scored 98%, Then Why Humanities?


70-99% vaste Engineering lone join avvala? lekapote anni marks, intha percentage waste aa? 99% vachina vallaki accounts or Humanities lo interest undakudada? they have a different mind-set, like they are more aware and passionate about the world issues, politics, economics, Human Rights and so on.

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6. They Don’t Study at All


Our course-works are as complex as Science and engineering are! B. Tech lo join ayyevaru topper ae ayyi undala? adi okappudu… B.tech ae antha… sarvam B.tech mayam… yentha mandi Toppers B. Tech lo campus placements lo place avvutunnaru?


7. It Would Be Hard for You Get Married


Seriously? Oh no! wait…wait! We are not here to study engineering just to get married to that fool who thinks he/she wants to marry an engineer. Marriage does not depend upon the profession you choose, but would rather depend on how good you are doing. ante mari!!!

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8. It’s Because We Care for You, Engineering is the Best Option


Dear Uncles and Aunties… Care for us? Then support me for the decision
we made. Understand that every stream has its weakness and limitations,
and have to choose according to their interest and career objective. Nijam
ga antha care unte mamalni ma decision ni respect cheyyandi. and Thank

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9. So, After This MBA?


It is not always about MBA. There are many other things which can be done
before MBA. Maybe we can start learning how to handle work or life while
climbing the ladder, or wish to choose a path less traveled and experience
the good, the bad, the ugly that comes along with it. come on MBA kosame
B. Tech aa? aina maa career ma istam miku enduku cheppandi… headache

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10. Those Condolence Messages Your Parents Get on Being A Rebellious Daughter/Son


“Why is she not able to understand?” or “She will realize it very soon, the
decision she made is wrong” or “How can she take her own decision, aren’t
we experienced?”. They seem more worried than our parents, isn’t it?
kada… mana mida entha caring ooo… again Thanks Uncles and Aunties
around… Thank you…

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So, Friends idandi Non-Engineering Students ki Yedurayye vintha kadu
mind blowing questions… naku telisi M1 paper kuda intha Tuff ga
undademo… because it is an emotion kada. If you are someone who is not
an engineer, how many of these have you heard? Comment and let us know


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