10 Things You Can Relate To If You Like To Buy Non-Branded Stuff!


Basic ga ma Ammaila ki twaraga ae vishayam lo aina bore kottesthundhi..Battalu sangathiki osthey varaniki okasari shopping vellali anipisthundhi , roju poddhune asal mana daggara veskotaniki manchi battale levu anipisthundhi market lo chusthe endless models mari annitki justice cheyyali ga. So we prefer buying random junk from any local markets and slay it carrying like boss!

1. ‘Zara’ , ‘Mango’ budget ki manam baita padhi dresses konukovachu. Okka dress bhadlu padhi different models undatam is much more fun, na?



2. Quality undadhu twaraga padaipothundhi adhi edhi antaaru konthamandhi.My dear Ladies ivala meeku peddha life lesson cheppna, ‘Ae 4 or 500 budget lo kontam kabbati, konni rojulu vadama model medha saradha teripoindha anthe, oka vela porapatuna laundry tharwatha marakalu ante asalu worry avvakarledhu happy ga intlo veskoni teragacchu.



3. Ae kotha city ki vellina our day won’t end until we shop in local markets. Those antique junk accessories and those One-pieces, lovely skirts. Literal ga wardrobe lo racks separate name cheyyali “stuff from Goa”, Delhi ani! We very well know what could be the price and if it’s worth. Ae city ki poina shopping lo mathram manalani mosam cheseyvallu inka puttaledhu.
P.S : Thanks to our Bargaining skills which we are blessed with, by birth!



4. Pondicherry side you get those Kalamkari and other cotton Gowns, Jaipur side those Bandhini Dupattas. Inka Delhi sangathi andharike telisindhe, oka 10,000 pettukunte one whole year shopping is done!



5. Trippy Sanskrit prints, ‘Om’ unna prints, Elephant prints.. simple cotton piece of cloth entire look marchesthai. Prints have so magic in them ya.



6. One Friend : Dude that Looks Awesome, where did u get it? How much?
Me : Just 350 ya! Bought in General Bazar!
Other Friend : Dude I bought the same thing for around 1000, Not fair!!
Me : Bwahaah! Now Burn!!



7. Appudu Appudu Mall lo window shopping cheyyatam, Model gurthupettukotam dhanni kuttinchukotam. Maximum okate rate avuthundhi anukondi aina mana manasu akkada kontaniki mathram oppukodhu. You see how much knowledge we get through exploring, Fabric shopping finding a good tailor and getting a perfect fitting gives soo much satisfaction yo!



8. We’ll be that official Cloths sponsor for our whole gang. You know everyone loves our junk!!



9. Online lo kooda not that happening brands will have much more peppy collection. Online eppudu edho oka festival sale nadusthune untadhi time chooskoni koneyatame. ‘Koovs’ is amazing blind ga koneyyachu, you need not have that fear of bad quality.



10. Season end sales our just amazing anthe. You know na that’s when they drop to actual prices, nothing can beat that happiness get those over priced clothes in a subtle price.



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