This Pet Army From Hyderabad Is Striving To Change The Lives Of Stray Dogs In Our City!


If you spot a group of youngsters placing bowls of water and food on the streets for dogs, don’t be surprised. They are the members of Noah’s army who work on improving the lives of stray dogs. Started in 2015, this NGO has initiated a lot of campaigns and drives which focus on providing a shelter for street dogs. These youngsters have taken up this as their responsibility to make the lives better of otherwise neglected and abused strays.


The initiative behind starting this organisation dates back to when Meenakshi Sekhar, the founder of this came across a frightened street dog refusing to accept food from her. She was deeply saddened by this incident along with two of her friends “Harsha Dhanvada and Kavya bali” she started Noah’s Army. Though there are many animal welfare organisations, the rate of response is very low. This is also one of the reasons behind starting this NGO to add their extent to the work.


In the initial days it was just an eight member team and it has now become one of the successfully running NGO’s. They launched many Doggie day out drives and also run a 24/7 ambulance service for dogs. The doggy day outs have become pretty popular around the city as they provide a proper play space for the dog parents. Apart from this the group also plans to organise a weekly food drive where volunteers can contribute food items to feed the city’s strays. They are also working towards tying up with vets in the city to help treat injured or ill animals as and when the need arises. Meenakshi, the founder says that making Noah’s army the one stop shop for all the necessities of dogs is the sole aim.


Apart from the work they are doing they also urge the residents of the city to do their bit for the stray dogs. They frequently put up the details of dogs which are up for adoption in their Facebook page Noah’s Army.


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