Here’s All You Need To Know About ‘No Helmet – No Petrol’ Rule Newly Implemented In Andhra Pradesh!


The Andhra Pradesh Government makes it hard for the people who break the traffic rules. “No Helmet – No Fuel” norm is going to be strictly implemented across the state. Making it clear that wearing helmet and seat belt are mandatory for two-wheeler riders and four-wheeler drivers respectively. Chief Minister N.Chandrababu Naidu has directed the officials to implement this rule. He sanctioned Rs 10 crore for equipment to implement this rule. He also ordered the officials to conduct a weekly check on the motorists for effective implementation of the rule.

According to a survey, there is considerable increase in the deaths due to accidents. They can be controlled by following the minimum rules of wearing seat belt and helmet. People should change their mindset and know the fact that they are wearing the helmet for saving their precious lives and not for the sake of the government or police. Similar rules have came before and made the rule of wearing helmet compulsory but didn’t last for more than a day. The “Compulsory Helmet” policy has been taken back within six hours of implementation.

This latest policy “No helmet – No fue” has not pleased everyone. Already the petrol bunk associations and dealers started opposing as it is going to cause trouble at the fuel stations and it will lead to arguments with customers. Facing all these challenges, lets see how the AP Government implements this good move and reduce the accidents.


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