NMC BILL 2019: Why Are Medicos Opposing It? Why Is It Proposed? & Who Will Be Affected?


August 1st, 2019 na Rajya Sabha, present unna ‘ Indian Medical Council Act, 1956 ‘ ni revoke chesi, aa act loni rules ni standards ki thaggattu regulate chesthunna ‘Medical Council Of India‘ ni ( including board members ) ni replace chesi, oka kottha medical education & practice system ni implementation loki theesukuni ravali anna The National Medical Commission Bill ni clear chesindhi.

Ee bill pass avvatam meedha Nation wide lo Medical students andharu protests chesthunnaru. Asalu ee Indian Medical Council Act enti? Medical Council Of India ante enti? Ee NMC bill enti ? ane questions manadhariki unnayi. Na vanthu answers ivvataniki try chesthanu..


Indian Medical Council Act :

Ee act ni first time 1933 lo implement chesaru. Medical field ni choose chesukune prathi individual ki, quality education isthu.. institutions lo uniform and fair standards ni establish cheyyatam ee act main function. Independence taruvatha number of medical colleges increase avvatam, modern medical education progress avvatam valla 1956 lo ee act ni kottha set of rules tho revamp chesaru. Malli aa rules ni 1964, 1993 and 2001 lo modify chesaru.


Medical Council Of India:

Paina mention chesina rules ni regulate cheyyatam kosam ee council ni 1934 lo form chesaru. Mana country lo unna prathi medical University ee rules ni obey chesi run authuntayi.

Anthe kadhu India lo edhaina University/college quality medical education ivvataniki worthy o kadho ee council recognize chesi, certify chesi, aa college/University start avvadaniki permission isthundhi. Ae college lo ae courses undalo, enni seats undalo ee council ae decide chesthundhi. MBBS/ PG admissions lo transparency kosam NEET exam policy ni implement chesindhi velle. Indhulo 85% seats controlled fee structure lo Central Government kindha untayi. ( Ae college lo chadivina akkada fee government ae decide chesthundhi) , manchi ranks vacchina vallaki ee 85% lo seats istharu, migilina 15% reservation to private colleges.

Asalu Exams time lo jarige inspection nunchi, oka doctor practice pettukovataniki permission icche license varuku, prathi process ee council ae oversee chesthundhi. Ee council loni members maximum andharu medical profession related ae untaru. Vallatho paatu konthamandhi IAS officers kuda untaru. Ee members ni internal ga elections conduct chesi choose chesukuntaru.


National Medical Commission :

Medical Council Of India lo corruption ekkuva jaruguthundhi ane accusations valla last year ae mana Indian Government aa council ni dissolve/discontinue chesi, Oka kottha regulatory body ( NMC ) form ayyevaruku.. Seven of India’s best known government doctors tho oka Board of Governors ni appoint chesindhi.

The Members of the BoG include:
1. Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS New Delhi
2. Dr. Jagat Ram, Director, PGIMER, Chandigarh
3. Dr. B N Gangadhar, Director, NIMHANS Bangalore
4. Dr. Nikhil Tandon, professor, AIIMS Delhi, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism.
5. Dr. S. Venkatesh, DGHS, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
6. Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director, Indian Council for Medical Research, New Delhi

So, cut to 2019.. NMC ane kottha regulatory body form aindhi & daani bill ni Dr. Harsha Vardhan, Minister of Health and Family Welfare introduce chesaru.


What does this Bill propose ? Why is Medical fraternity protesting ?

Proposed :

Firstly, ee NMC lo total 25 members untaru. Andhulo 20 members ni Central Government ae nominate/ appoint chesthundhi. Aa 25 members lo max andharu medical field ki belong ayyevalle untara ante… NO. Just 5 members ( part time) ni mathrame registered medical practitioners elect cheyocchu. Ante MCI lo 75% elected medical representatives unte, NMC lo mathram only 20% ae unnaru.

Why medicos are opposing :

Ippudu ee non- elected members, maximum government officials ( Medicine practice cheyyani vallu, medical field tho ae mathram sambandham leni vallu ) ae unde chance undhi. So, idhe jarigithe control mottham bereaucrats/politicians chethiloki vellipothundhi. Subject theliyani vallu paper dhiddhinattu authundhi.


Proposed :

Secondly, MCI lola 85% ki badhulu only 50% medical seats mathrame controlled fee structure lo Central Government kindha untayi. Migilina 50% Private medical institutions and deemed universities kindha untayi. So, private universities ki fee structure valla ishtam.

Why medicos are opposing :

Inter/ +2 lo antha kashtapadi chadivi.., okavela rank rakapothe Long-Term coaching theesukuni, rank vacchina kuda financial stability leni students antha fee afford cheyyagalara? I mean, most merit students central loni 50% lo seats vasthayi..okay. Mari, next deserving students sangathi enti? What if, they deserve a seat, and they can’t afford it? & point to be noted maximun private medical colleges anni politicians ve.



According to WHO, doctor-to-patient ratio 1:1,000 undali; but mana India lo adhi 1:1,596 undhi. So, adequate and high quality medical professionals, andhariki available ga undali, Basic treatment rural most areas ki reach avvali ane thought tho mid-level-medical practitioners aina community health providers ( RMP, PMP, nurses, health workers, etc ) ki modern medicine practice chese limited license ( 6 months bridge course chesthe ) isthundhi.

Ee license acquire chesukunna vallu, in case aa area lo registered medical practitioner lekapoyinappudu mathrame, only konni specified medicines ( paracetmol, dolo type ) mathrame prescribe cheyyagalaru.

Anthe kadhu present Homeopathy, Ayurvedic and Ayush practice chese vallu kuda ee 6 months bridge course theesukuni mid-level medical practitioner ayyi, Allopathy medicine prescribe cheyocchu.

Why medicos are opposing :

Oka MBBS doctor avvali ante inter lo BiPC theesukuni, 2 years pagalu rathri kashtapadi NEET ki prepare ayyi, ee highly compititive field lo hope loose avvakunda..chadivi chadivi rank kotti… 4.5 years MBBS, 1 year House Surgeon ga enno case studies, theoretical and practical knowledge chesi, pass ayyi Malli PG ki prepare ayyi oka license sampadinchali. Idantha cheyyaunda 6 months lo edho bridge course chesthe em knowldge gain chestharu ? Already mana country lo ill-advised therapy valla life threatening cases chusthunnam..once adhi legalize aithe normal public paristhithi enti?

Okavela PHCs and CHCs saripokapothe PG lo seats increase cheyocchu ga ? Present ga Interim Budget lo Health Care ki only 2.2% allocate chesaru, where as Defence ki 10.6% allocate chesaru. And at present government only 1.15-1.5% of it’s GDP public health meedha spend chesthundhi, avi penchocchu ga?


Proposed :

MBBS ipoyaka PG chese mundhu, ante undergraduation final year lo National Exit Test (NEXT) ane common exam country wide conduct cheyyali. Ee test lo pass aithene Allopathy practice cheyyataniki license vasthundhi. This common exam is expected to ascertain uniform quality of doctors throughout the country and serve as the basis for admission into post-graduate courses at medical institutions under this Bill.

Why medicos are opposing :

Already anni exams rasi entho theoretical and practical knowledge gain chesaka kuda, modern medicine practice cheyyataniki ee exam pettadam valla future medical aspirants meedha adverse impact and pressure untundhani doctors feel authunnaru.


Under the new bill, states can only “advise” the NMC. But the council can choose not to accept those advises. However, no medical college will be set up without the state government’s permission. Also, no court shall take cognizance of offence punishable under this act, except complaint filed by NMC employees. Idhi section 52 lo mention chesaru. Ante okavela vallu future lo fee penchina, manam NMC ni question cheyyalemu, okavela chesina NMC has complete rights to file a complaint against you.


Inthaka mundhu Medical colleges yearly license renewal chesukovaali, and vaalki number of seats and courses meedha oka regulation undedhi. But ippudu aa avasarm ledhu, recognised colleges vaalaki nachina nanni seats pettukovachu, nacchina courses curriculum lo add cheyocchu, like mana freechaitanya parayana lo okae class lo 100 mandhini kukkinattu untundhi. Ee regulation valla medical colleges meedaunna scrutiny kudaa thaggipothundhi.


Final ga, ee bill valla Doctors ae kadhu, manam ‘ The common people’ kuda chala nashtapothamu. Manaki andhuthunna Vaidhyam sarainadho kadho kuda thelusulekapothamu. We have a right to KNOW, and we have a right to say NO. Let’s use our rights properly.

Inputs From : Murali Areti, Veeru Sabbella & Sheethal Seelamanthula.

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