Meet Nishad Kumar, A 21-year-old Paralympic Champ Who Got Home Silver In Men’s High Jump

Today is happening to be a day full of surprises and celebrations. We’ve won two silver medals and a bronze in just a gap of few hours and the people of the country are rejoicing and how. While the day started with the Bhavina Patel bagging a silver medal, the country earned its second medal with Nishad Kumar securing a silver medal in the high jump. And within a matter of time, Vinod Kumar bags a bronze medal in Men’s discus throw. What a great day for our para-athletes and the whole country. So, on this day let’s celebrate these champs by knowing about them a little and honoring their journey.

Tokyo Paralympics 2021 Highlights: Bhavina Patel & Nishad Kumar win silver  medals, bronze for Vinod Kumar - The Times of India

Nishad Kumar. The man has registered the second medal in the Tokyo Paralympics with a jump of 2.06m. The 21-year-old boy from Una, Himachal Pradesh has been winning medals since a very young age. 8 years unnapude oka terrible accident lo tana hand ni kolipoyadu Nishad. But life lo edho okati saadinchali ane aasha ni maatram kolpoledhu.

Tokyo Paralympics 2020 HIGHLIGHTS: Bhavina Patel, Nishad Kumar Win Silver  Medals, Vinod Kumar Bags Bronze

8 years unnapudu accident lo handicapped aina, that did not stand in his way to achieve success. When he was 10 years old, he decided to take up para-sports and work on his goal towards it. Tanu apudu tiskunna decision, is now riping fruits and happiness to him and the country. He is now one of the top para-athletes of our country.

2019 lo tana first world championship lo personal best performance of 2m ichi, he made a place for himself in the Tokyo Paralympics. Aa championship lo bronze medal gelisi, chala early age loone success ni chusadu, Nishad. Tana goal ni chala clear ga pettukoni, dani kosam kastapadaadu. Ee season lo gold medal kottadam was him only aim.

Asian record holder-Nishad Kumar has his eyes set on a podium finish at the  Paralympics 2021

This year, he participated in the Fazza International Grand Prix. He gave an outstanding performance in the tournament as he won a gold medal and also broke the Asian record with a jump of 2.06m. This win boosted his confidence and gave him more motivation for the Tokyo events.

India Athelete Nishad kumar won Silver medal in high jump in Tokyo  paralympics 2020 after Bhavina patel - Tokyo Paralympics: हाई जंप में निशाद  कुमार का कमाल, देश को दिलाया दूसरा सिल्वर मेडल

But just like everything has its twists and turns, his journey also did. Dubai nunchi return aina tarvata, covid positive test aiyyadu. But his recovery was quick and he got back to the field in just a few days and made his way to Tokyo.

Himachal Badayun Village Nishad Kumar will Perform in Tokyo Para Olympic

Looking at his great performances in the international levels, the whole Paralympic committee was very confident about him winning a medal. He coaches and mentors spoke about his great talent and hard work.

Here are some heart-warming pictures of his family celebrating after he won the medal in Tokyo earlier today.


Tana chaduvu, inka sport rendu parallel ga continue chestunnadu. Punjab lo unna Lovely Professional University lo Physical education chaduthu, training kuda tiskunnadu. Tana talent tho full scholarship techukoni, ippudu university ki kuda chala manchi peru techadu. The university gave him with all support he needed and he thanked the university for everything they’ve done.

The whole country celebrated his success. Here are some congratulatory tweets from the dignitaries across the country.

The man who has challenged all the hardships right on its face. He is the living proof of achieving dreams even after 1000s of problems. He has jumped his way through the accident, through covid, and has now held his name high in the world. Such an inspiration to the generations to come. Congratulations NISHAD KUMAR. You’ve made us extremely proud.

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