What If… Legendary Actress Nirmalamma Gaaru Replaces Internet’s Most Viral Reaction Meme!


If you have been following memes on the internet, then you might be familiar with the Canadian rapper Drake’s ‘reaction’ meme. If you don’t know him or his song ‘Hotbling’, from which the meme took its birth, the below GIF will help you understand about the meme we are talking about.

GIF by Gifskey.com

Well, we gave it a crazy thought and tried recreating the same meme with our legendary actor Nirmalamma gaaru. With all due respect, here’s the recreated version of the famous ‘reaction meme’ in our own Telugu style.


1. When ‘aayana vasthunnadu’ is more important than Winter is Coming.

2. A TV serial is more powerful than the actual film

3. The dance that has changed the world

4. When you have your own diversion way

5. Eiffel Tower endra Eiffel Tower.. Eppudaina maa Malakpet TV tower chusinraa?

6. Who wants High Court when you have Rachabanda!

7. When 1 statement is far more frightening than a teacher’s warning

8. Maaku Ola lu Uber lu padavu ra abbi.. Wonly lift adagadam

9. Konte choopultho ..nee konte choopultho…

10. Meeku Swat Kats.. Maaku maa Chinnodu Peddodu

11. Raillu aapalante signals kaadhu…

12. Pallu thomalante kavalsindhi brush kadhu babaii.. pulla ..vepa pullaaa


Mee manobhaavalu, matti ginnellu edhaina debba thinunte kshaminchandi. This is purely for fun!


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