Here Is Some Important Points From Today’s Nirmala Seetharaman Press Conference On Corona


Contributed By Yashwanth Jv


After various countries announcing their financial help to people to battle with covid19 Indian govt was expected to announce similar type of help to us. So ippudu Finance minister Nirmala seetharaman garu public ichina konni major relief points ni chuddam randi


1. Ujwala scheme holders to get free cylinders

Ujwala scheme lo unna mahilalu andariki 3 months varaku free ga cylinders istunaru so no worries about 3k rupees in hard times


2. Epf to Government workers

To all government workers mee EPF fund nundi 75% advance ga teesukodaniki permission ichindi so no need to worry about it.


3. No EPF cut for 3 months

15000 and antha kante takkuvuga salaries unde government employees andariki EPF amount government ee baristundi for 3 months upto 24% so no cut from salaries.


4. Kisan yojana

All India farmers ki kisan yojana kinda 2000 ventane directly vaala bank account lo ki transfer chestaru almost 8.69 cr farmers to get benefit


5. Life insurance

All people who are serving corona patients (doctors,nurses) and sanitation workers ki 50lakhs of insurance icharu no premium to be paid for this


6. Jandhan deposit

All ladies who are having jandhan accounts valaku each month 500 rupees for 3 months vestaru almost 20 cr. People are going to be benifited


7. Extra amount for old people

60 years and antha kante ekkuva age unna special abled persons and widows ki extra 1000 rupees ex-gratia istam ani prakatinchina government


8. Pm Gareeb kalyan yojana

Already ration vache valaki ippudu istuna ration quota tho patu extra 5kg of rice or wheat tesukovachu and anthe kakunda 1kg of pulses edina man choice di tesukivachu almost 80cr people are going to be benefitted from this


9. Help to construction workers

Buildings and other construction workers fund nundi 31000 cr ni construction labour’s welfare ki use chestaru


10. Use of district mineral fund

District mineral fund ni corona testing isolation wards etc maintain cheyadaniki use chestaru.


So idi mana central government teesukuna financial measures idi covid 19 tho battle ki help avtundi ane anukundam. Here is full press conference


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