These Movies & Journey Of Nikhil Siddharth Will Show How He Built A Career From An Uncredited Role To Hero With Unique Scripts

‘Ee hero aithe story konchem kotthaga untundi’, anipinche heroes lo Nikhil Siddharth okaru. Chinna role ayina, Assistant director ayina, 4 heroes lo oka character ayina ilaa prathokka opportunity ni andhukuntu.. Tanu chese movie lo oka unique element ni concept ni pettukuni, aa movie kosam 100% efforts isthu, Nikhil came to this stage. From 2003 to present, Here is how Nikhil build his career by grabbing every good opportunity.

SambaramUn credited role:

Nithin movie ‘Sambaram’ lo Nikhil 3 seconds kanipisthaadu. This is the first time he appeared on screen.

Hyderabad Nawabs:

He then worked as Assistant director to a hyderabadi film ‘Hyderabad Nawabs’. He appeared in a scene aswell.

Happy Days:

Happy days movie lo, andarikanna manam baga connect ayina character Rajesh. Chandu laanti handsome undakapovacchu, Tyson laanti topper lekapovacchu, kaani Rajesh laanti oka chichore yet loyal friend prathokka gang lo untaadu. Aa role lo 100% fit ayyi nikhil connected to all of us.


Yuvatha is his first hit film as independent hero. Energetic performance tho, he excelled as Babu in this film.

Swamy Rara:

Kalavar king, Veedu teda laanti movies nikhil ki manchi recognition icchayi. But Swamy Rara is the turning point in his career. Asalu elaanti expectations lekunda vacchina ee movie ni, naa laaga colleges egotti enjoy chesina students endaro. Ee movie lo thrilling elements, Unique screenplay appatlo oka vibe ni set chesaayi, alaanti movies ennitiko ee movie oka starting point ayyindi.


Naaku inka gurthu, songs release ayina chaala months ki chaala sarlu postpone avthu ee movie release ayyindi. But Nikhil proved again his selection of stories. He perfectly fit as Karthikeya.

Surya vs Surya:

Nikhil movies lo most underrated ee movie. Maximum night backdrop lo unde ee movie, chaala pleasant ga oka feel good vibe ni isthundi. Climax is damn funny.

Ekkadiki pothavu chinnavada:

Deyyam stories lo oka kotha angle lo vacchina ee movie, from starting to end oka high lo velthu.. Ekkada bore kottakunda, Thrilling and comedy ni equal dose andhisthundi.


Nikhil ki appativaraku unna oka image ki konchem dooram vacchi chesina, movies, Keshava, Kiraakparty, Arjun Suravaram.

Karthikeya 2:

Tana hit movies lo okataina Karthikeya ki sequel ga vacchina ee movie ki chaala expectations unnayi. Karthikeya 2 live upto those expectations and stood as another hit in Nikhil’s career.

And he is ready with other 2 interesting projects.

Manam chese pani lo konchem uniqueness unte, surprise cheyyachu, success avvachu anadaniki Nikhil is one of the best examples. With many interesting and unique subjects, Hope nikhil will entertain us and grab more and more success.

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