Things Every Common Man Need To Know About The Updated Prices & New TRAI Amendments !


The new Television Channel Amendments and Prices are creating a bit of confusion in few households. Hope this article will clarify most of your doubts.

**Conversation when we go to a friend’s home who has a DTH(Direct To Home) connection,
We : Mama Sony Six channel pettara, match chudham.
Friend : Rei, aa channel 15/- petti konukovali anta, memu tiskoledhu.
We : Chi endhuku ra DTH, ‘Cable’ or ‘Set top box’ best; 200/- ki anni channels osthay.

Ila undevi mana conversations, but things are changing now. Last one-week nunchi TV lo prathi channel ki MRP or Free anedhi display avthundhi.


TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is the regulator of telecommunications sector in India. TRAI kotha amendment valla DTH aina, Cable aina, Set top box aina konni specific channels kavalante monthly basis money pay cheyalsindhe. This has been introduced after due consultative process that lasted more than one and a half year. Major reasons for this new regulatory framework:
1. Cable TV Digitization
2. Real choice for customer.
With this, a consumer becomes real decision maker of what he/she views and has complete freedom to choose what he/she wishes to watch and pay only for that. Basically, we are shifting from buffet to a-la-carte concept 😛


Kani December 29th nunchi anni channels black-out aipothay ane viral news mathram nijam kadhu. TRAI is preparing a detailed Migration Plan for all the existing subscribers. So mee cable operator eppudu aithe mi intki ochi new rules explain chesi individual channels ki money tisukuntado, appativarku mi channels miku osthay. No black-out of channels till then!


Inka prices vishayaniki osthe, Base price(130+taxes) ki 100 FTA (Free To Air) channels istharu. Free channels lo manaki upayoga padevi konni News channels mathrame, migathavi anni Naaptol, Shopping zone, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada language channels anamata.
Base price 130 is Maximum Retail Price; It can be less than this, depends on the distributor. So 130+taxes tho patu manam regular ga chuse channels ki individual prices kattukovalsindhe.


Oka telugu speaking family regular ga chuse channels and vati prices(per month):

Etv : 17
Gemini : 19
Star Maa : 19
Zee Telugu : 19
Etv plus : 7
Maa Movies : 10
Zee Cinemalu : 10
Maa music : 1
Gemini music : 4
All Telugu News : Free

So paina mention chesina channels anni tisukunte, miru kattalsina amount: 130+106+ taxes = 250/- approx ?


Other regularly viewed channels:
Sony six : 15
Sony Ten1 : 19
Star Sports 1 : 19
Star Sports 1 : 6
Sony ESPN : 5

Pogo : 4.25
Cartoon Network : 4.25

Times Now : 5
CNN News 18 : 2
NDTV : 3
India Today : 1.5

Colors HD : 19
Zee Tv HD : 19
SONY HD : 19

*These are not the final prices, MRP may change in the coming few days.


Ippudu mention chesinavi kooda tisukunte 450/- varku monthly bill avvachu ?
So, it purely depends on what you choose. Individual channels ye kakunda, broadcaster’s bouquet offers kooda isthunaru which involves all the channels from them. For example, Eenadu motham 12 channels oka bouquet la isthundhi. Miru adhi opt cheskunte motham anni Etv channels osthay or individual ga Etv, Etv Cinema, etc. ala kooda tiskovachu.

Prasthuthaniki mana family regular ga chuse channels ni konnukovadame best. Frankly speaking, prices koncham ekkuva unay. Kani channels ki subscribers taggithe, automatically prices kooda future lo tagginche avakasalu unay.


Conclusion: The new framework stipulates that the subscribers will not be pushed with unwanted channels; rather she/ he will have freedom to choose only those TV channels that they want to see and pay accordingly.
Ivanni manaki endhuku anukune vallu, happy ga JIO TV app tho kanicheyachu 😛

For the complete list of prices CLICK HERE


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