10 Advices To Freshers Who’ve Newly Started Career As An IT Employee


Junior: Akka … nuvu work chese company lone naku job vachindhi ..koncham ye technologies nerchukovaloo suggestions istava.

Senior: Tammudu …ippudunna situations lo job techukovadam yentha kastamoo..unna job ni maintain cheyadamu anthe kastam. Nuvu inka fresher ve kabatti…technologies tho paatu telsukovalsinvi inka chala unnayi..avi yentante


1. Smartwork > Hardwork

Yes..smart work is the current mantra you have to follow in the current scenario. Though you are a hard worker, every time it won’t work. At times it is better to be smart and also not over smart too.

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2. Emotional balance

There will be situations where one will come on dump on you for no reason. At that times, controlling/balancing your emotions plays a key role in getting over that situation.

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3. Never show your weakness

Yes..exposing your weakness is nothing but giving a chance to your opponent. And also work on making your weakness, an asset to define what you are.

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4. Learn learn learn

Yes..code ravadam yevadaina chesthadu..raakapothe nerchukodaniki sources unnayi..but there is something which you can’t spend and learn..like mingling with ppl, treating others in a good way, public speaking, leading a team..bla bla bla

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5. Workaholic

Sometimes yes ..but most of the times No.yes ..bcoz every time working well doesn’t work well. Allocate your time to your interests, hobbies, and self-health.

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6. Seeking help is OK

Yeah..anni manake vacheyalani ledhu. Okavela raakapothe nerchukoni cheyachu. Kaani other ppl (Maybe experienced)might be knowing the same which reduces your efforts. So there is nothing wrong in asking for a help/guidance.

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7. It’s not about band/appraisal

Yeah, yearly once iche band lu appraisal tho manaki salary lo vache maarpu peddaga undadhu .So takkuvoste feel ayipovalsina avasaramemi ledhu. Just keep Going anthe !!!

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8. Find out people

IT world is an ocean. Not every one will be good to you all the time. So be aware of those kinds. It’s not to completely avoid them but stay alarmed with them.

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9. Anthaa maaye raa

Parties, lunch, trips anni bagane untayi if and only if they are in the limits . Friendly gane undi gothulu tavvestaru. So stay calm and be aware.

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10. Sell yourselves

Don’t forget the point that everyone is here for money and nothing comes for free. So just don’t believe everyone and don’t forget to believe in yourself.

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These are some few points to be noted not only for an IT employee but also when you are novice to a profession. Do let us know your views on the same in the comments section.


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