The New Covid Strain From UK: Everything We Know About It So Far

The covid 19 pandemic is far from over. Even if the people around you are behaving so, It is still very much there, and in even worse and contagious state.

Yes, The virus has taken a new form with 70% even more transmissible strain.

Asal em arthamkale bhayya antaara? Here’s what it means,

What is this new strain:

The new strain or also known as the ‘VUI-202012/01’ in its ‘spike‘ protein through which the virus infects people has a genetic mutation.

As per scientists, this mutation can cause a quicker spread of the virus, in theory. 

When was this new strain detected:

Surprisingly it was detected way back in September only. By November, a quarter of people were infected with this new strain and by December, it was responsible for two-thirds of cases. 

The impact of this strain:

In the UK, the strain has been located in London, southeast, and eastern England.

Other countries like Denmark and Australia have received the strain from the UK. Meanwhile, even the Netherlands have reported cases due to the same. 

In India?

In India, 5 people have tested positive for COVID-19, out of 266 passengers and crew members of a flight that landed in India last night from the UK. It is yet to be said if the new strain has hit the country. 

What WHO said about this:

Dr. Michael Ryan, Emergencies Chief, WHO commented that, “There’s zero evidence that there’s any increase in severity.”

More than anything, This is the time to be extra cautious & be careful.

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