Don’t Call Yourself A Balakrishna Fan If You Do Not Know These Latest Slogans On The Actor!


Nandamuri Balakrishna a.k.a. Balayya Babu craze gurinchi matladalante – maatalu saripovu. So, short ga ..simple ga slogans lo NBK power ento cheppesthuntaaru mana Balayya Babu fans.. From Jai Balayya.. Jai Jai Balayya to Coco Cola Pepsi.. Balayya Babu Sexy, we’ve covered a few in PART 1. Now, here’s a new set of slogans that only Balayya Babu fans can proudly say it out loud. Theatres lo, audio functions lo, ekkada topic osthe akkada..NBK hardcore fans maatram ee slogans tho kummeskovacchu.. Check out the list:



















Indulo konni meeru first time vintundacchu.. Konni paathave ayyundacchu.. konni navvinchacchu, konni offensive ga anpinchacchu..But a true hardcore fan of NBK would definitely understand the essence of these slogans. Ive kakunda, mee deggara inkemaina kottha slogans unte.. kindha comments lo share cheyandi..

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