Naveen Kumar, The Flautist Behind Those Memorable Rahman Classics!

No matter what age, background or choice of music, there are some universal tunes that stay with you and move your heart. Some of those undeniably moving music also includes Manohara, tunes from Bombay, Roja. And at this very moment while you’re reading this you are sure to have the Manohara lead flute tune playing in your mind. Don’t lie, you’re hearing it in your head right now!

So we all know these tunes but did you know who was behind this beautiful music? Naveen Kumar from Vizag, has been winning over the world, with his skill with the flute. Now Naveen Kumar not only is a musician, but a fusionist as well as an inventor!! There is so much more than just his dedication to his flute; this man from Vizag is a prodigy and a gift to the musical world.
Here’s what we know about this wonderful musician.

At the age at which most of us were merely beginning to speak, Naveen Kumar already began singing. At just 3 years of age, he was a musical prodigy.
Naveen 4
Naveen Kumar is the most sought after flautist in the country, if not internationally; and guess what! He wasn’t even formally trained when he started off!
He started playing at the age of 11 and already had albums releasing by the time he was 13.
Naveen Kumar travels the world and everywhere he does, he makes sure he collects customized flutes, such is his passion for his profession. He has a collection of over 300 flutes from places including Armenia, Scotland, Switzerland and China.
Naveen 5
Not only is he a musician but is also a musical inventor! Naveen invented a musical instrument and called it Naveen Flute. It’s a flute made of bamboo with string percussion inside of it.
Naveen 6
His album, Silence is Bliss gives the touch of western opera with the bansuri and is considered one of the finest form of fusion in flute so far.

We’re sure there’s more to this musical genius, but this is what caught our eye. We owe his music a ton of memories.

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