Here Is How Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru From Navarasa Proves The Magic Of GVM & Suriya Duo Yet Again

Anddd the wait is over. Surya S/o Krishnan tarvata Gvm and Surya malli epudu epudu kalisi work chestara ani wait chesthu unnam. Vachesindi mana Navarasa. “Shringara” is etched in our hearts for many reasons. The conversation, just the beautiful conversation ah okka magic tho minimum one week movie vibes and hangover lo untam. Nenedho review ivvadaniki raaledhu. Just completed all the episodes, maybe last episode feeling ekuva carry avthundi emo ani first ye GVM part chusesa..ayina potle mind lo nundi. Here are some beautiful moments from Guitar Kambi Mele Nindru..


Podhune Kamal paper lo crosswords fill chesthu untadu. And the word is ATTRACTION. Is it a sign of their love? Yes, it is! Interest, like love. Whatever it is, director ah shot lone cheppesaru how it’s going to be ani. 

  • AMMA:

“Chala paatalu chesavu kadha, epudaina paadi vinipinchu vinalanipisthundi”. Prathi okariki ee feeling untundi mana anukune vaallu manam chese pani gurinchi telusukuni naalugu manchi maatalu cheppinapudu. Okkokalam career ni okkola design chesukuntam..konni manaki nachakapovachu, inkonni mana parents ki nachakapovachu. Elanti low time vachina mana pani ni mechukuni, success ayina vati gurinchi matladuthunte ah feel vere untundi. 

  • MUSIC:

Kamal nadiche prathi step lo, chuse prathi choopu lo, matlade prathi maatalo music untundi. That’s the beauty of realness. Ah 46 minutes 10 seconds music tho vere lokam loki tesukellaru abba. 

  • WOMEN:

“Hey boys, have you been nice to your women? If not, apologize now!” 

“When you meet a woman, and in a few minutes, she sounds exactly like your mother, with the things she’s saying. When that happens, you know you’re a goner. 

  • VOICE:

    Background lo Surya voice run avuthu..ah voice lo base, magic next level.


Ah kallu, nuvu surya ki chepadam kaadhu nethra nene neku chepthuna.. You just swept off everybody’s feet here. Tana ni concert lone chusavu, work dwara ne approach ayavu, tana music ki fan ani chepthavu, adigi mari neku kavalsindi cheppinchukunavu, ah chupulatho tinesavu ga Nethra! 

Those three songs have actually taken care of me.

I feel safe with you.

Let’s have a go at each other.

The way she lives in music.


Gautham Vasudev Menon sister Uthara Menon ye ee episode ki styling chesaru. Ee 40 minutes lo nenu gamaninchinavi.. Nethra chinni mukku pudaka, curly hair, Tucked in shirt, stole, watch, white headphones, white sneakers, crossed sling bag, GVM’s signature bracelet. Ivanni oka ethu aythe andha Kerala style saree lo semma iruka. She killed me for a second.

Kamal kuda as usual GVM’s classic costumes. Tucked in shirt, hair band/hand band, Greys all over, silver chain.


    You guys call it a proposal, I call it a conversation. Preparations, hadavidi em undadhu. Normal conversation lo feelings express cheskodam, prathi chinna detailings gurthupetukuni cheppadam, okavela work avakapoina ‘I can handle it’ ani matured ga anadam just GVM things. Enthamandhi ki GVM proposals istam?


    As usual GVM’s typical story, where a boy and girl meets for the first time, the first sight, the vibe within them, stalking, travelling, turning out as love.


    Is love physics because of attraction? Is it chemistry because of transforms? Is it the mathematics of the heart? Is it the engineering of biology? There are no answers for any of these questions, Love is just love, together or apart.


    We aren’t told why or how or when their relationship failed. Kamal ending lo kuda happy gane unadu. Tanu unapudu, he lived in the moments, lenapudu he is living with her memories. Can I say this here.. Whatever happens, life has to move on!!


    It has all those trademark things that we expect from GVM sir. Bike, handshake, costumes, lengthy conversations, soothing music, path-breaking cinematography, beautiful characters.

Thank you GVM sir for giving us Kamal and Nethra, PC Sreeram sir for path-breaking cinematography, and Karthik for such amazing music. These are just my thoughts and opinion on this. Apart from this, project Agni and Inmai were mind-blowing. Comment your favorite part from Navarasa.

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