Everything About India’s ‘War Memorial’ With Names Of 25,942 Soldiers Engraved On It


Desham kosam poraduthu pranalu arpinchina prathi okka Jawan tyagani gurthupettukovali ane mukhya uddhesham tho Delhi loni India Gate daggara 40 acres lo National War Memorial (Rastriya Samar Smarak) ni construct chesaru ?


Indo-China War (1962), the Indo-Pakistan Wars (1947, 1965 and 1971), Kargil war (1999), United Nations peace-keeping missions, Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR) operations and counter insurgency operations! Ee particular wars/operations lo chanipoyina prathi okka sainikudi peru ikkada granite bricks midha rasaru. Ee memorial lo prasthutaniki 25,942 soldier names unay.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi garu iroju ee National War Memorial ni Ex-Servicemen samaksham lo deshaniki ankitham chesaru. 176 crores tho kattina ee memorial Concentric Circles design base cheskuni kattaru.


“It is a tribute to our fallen heroes and the bravest of the brave. It epitomizes a rich saga of courage, valour and selfless sacrifice made by our heroes in the rich military tradition” said Lieutenant General PS Rajeshwar, Chief of Integrated Defence Staff!


1. Amar Chakra – Circle of Immortality
Centre point of the National War Memorial. 15.5 metre tall tower is placed which will have eternal flame.
This will be the second eternal flame in India. First one is Amar Jyothi Jawan which is under the arch of India Gate.


2. Veerta Chakra – Circle of Bravery
Six bronze murals depicting different battle actions which are happened post Independence are placed in this circle.


3. Tyag Chakra – Circle of Sacrifice
This has been made entirely of granite bricks. Ee circle lone mana soldiers perlu rasaru. Andhukane dhinini Martyr’s wall ani kooda pilusthunaru.


4. Rakshak Chakra – Circle of Protection
Ee circle motham almost 600 peddha trees tho surround ayi untadhi. This covers the 3 inner circles and acts as soldiers!


5. Param Yodha Sthal
This is dedicated to the recipients of Param Vir Chakra, India’s highest gallantry award, that contains bronze busts of all 21 recipients till now.


6. War museum
War museum is also being constructed adjacent to National War Memorial in the near future.


7. Future ceremonies for Armed forces!
Independence tarvatha kattina memorial. Future lo jarige armed forces ceremonies kooda ikkada conduct chestharu anta. General public can pay their respects to the fallen through interactive electronic panels that will soon be set up.


8. Free entrance
Ee memorial loki vellataniki etuvanti fee ledhu. It’s available for the public. Kani timings mathram restricted!



A great tribute to Indian Soldiers ?
Mana Bharatha desham kosam thama pranalani saitham arpisthu nirantharam sarihaddhulo pani chese prathi sainikudiki idhe ma Salute!


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