10 Times Namrata Showed Us That She Is The Superstar Behind Mahesh Babu’s Life


Well, like they say, behind every successful man there is a woman, and if that is your wife, then things just get wonderfully poetic. Mahesh and Namrata fell in love on the sets of “Vamsi”. Since then, the two have been giving us some major couple goals. Here are few points that tell us how Namrata Shirodkar has played a major role in the actor’s life as a solid support system:

1. A Fairy Tale – Meeting on the sets of ‘Vamshi’, falling for each other and ending up married, sounds more like a fairy tale. It all happened without much noise. They got married in 2005 in a private hotel in Mumbai.


2. A Perfect Home Maker– Being crowned as “Miss India”, having many offers in hand, still she chose to be a home maker. She made a choice of quitting the films. She completed all her previous commitments before the marriage. When asked about choosing family over films she once replied “Nothing comes even close to it. All the fame, money and success in the world pales in comparison”, admitting that her life today is centred around her family.


3. Tough times made their bond stronger – Their journey after marriage faced a rough patch after three years. The tension rose to such a level that Namrata shifted to her house in Mumbai with their son. Mahesh and Namrata both made various efforts and were back together in no time. But that period made them stronger as a couple, and as individuals. The foundation today is more solid, they became one strong nuclear unit.


4. Responsible and Caring Mother– While Mahesh is busy with his professional life, Namrata took care of the family. Both Mahesh and Namrata never failed as parents. They always gave time for their children.


5. Supporting Wife – “Namrata is a real person. What she feels is what you get, no frills attached. She keeps me grounded.” These were the lines said by Superstar when asked about her. She is always there with him when needed.


6. Superstar’s Success Secret – Definitely She is the success secret of Superstar. Whether it’s the choice of films or brands Mahesh choses, she played a vital role in making Mahesh as a style icon and Superstar of Tollywood. One can see the way Mahesh transformed after Namrata came into his life, especially the sense of humor and interaction with press and public.


7. Social Responsibility – She is also doing a lot of service in the name of Mahesh. She is looking after the developmental activities in the villages adopted by Mahesh.


8. Face of Prince – She has been the Face of Mahesh in social media. While Mahesh has been shy about sharing his personal moments on social media, Namrata regularly keeps posting things about what is happening in their lives besides keeping the actor’s fans updated.


9.Superstar’s Fashion guide – Wives always want their husband to look better. Namrata is doing the same both onscreen and off screen. Mahesh’s style factor took a major jump over the last few years – credits to Namrata!


10.Creating A Brand – She has been looking after all the brand endorsements of Mahesh, and she is on her thought of making him “A National Brand”.


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