Karthi’s Movie “Naa Peru Shiva” Became “Naaleru Shiva” For A While & Twitter Went Crazy Over it!


Who would expect a dubbed movie released in 2010 would make us laugh our heads off because of its title seven years later? Twitter is undoubtedly the funniest place on the internet. This was proved yet again when our twitterati woke up to a hilarious thread that “discussed” about a movie name – all thanks to its confusing title font/design. Remember Karthi-starrer “Naa Peru Shiva“? The discussion on Twitter was not about the film’s story/hero/heroine or anything of that sort. It is on a whole new level – its TITLE!

A Twitter user by the username ‘ethnofest9’ tweeted saying that he was watching the climax of ‘Naa Peru Shiva‘. As you wonder what’s the troll worthy factor in this tweet … the answer is beyond your ‘vision’. An unexpected reply to the above tweet came in the form of ‘Vasudev512’ who said that the movie’s name is not “నా పేరు శివ, instead it is “నా లెరు శివ“. The user apparently got confused with “pe” and assumed it to be “le” due to the title design.


It started as a casual reply from a twitter user and then it just got weirder and weirder. The fun began when the Vasudev512 supported his argument by saying that “Naaleru” is a surname.

As another user joined the conversation trying to explain that it is about the font, the conversation got even more funnier. Soon #NaaleruShiva started trending. More users joined the thread and they even went on to add “Naaleru” to their user names.

Now, what happened next takes “Naaleru” discussion to a whole new level. The description about “Naa Peru Shiva” on its wikipedia page also saw a mention about “Naaleru”, which was later taken down. Don’t worry. We got you covered. Here’s a screenshot of what Wiki showed in its description about the film.

Sadly, we cannot blame the poor guy who got confused with the title font and has been wrongly believing it to be “Naaleru Shiva” for seven years! It did bring out smiles for all wrong reasons and the one who designed this title must be enjoying his popcorn reading this conversation!


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