This NGO From Hyderabad Is Making The World A Better Place For WOMEN, One Case At A Time!

My Choices, an NGO that began in Hyderabad barely two years ago have proactively, in the little time they have been around made a huge impact in the lives of more than 500 women and children. Working solely for the liberation, empowerment and reconciliation of exploited women and children, their core team of 7 have made it a point to cover all bases when it comes to bringing peace. Calling themselves “Peacemakers”, they have been doing some real good work in these past couple of years.


My Choices strives to reduce the suffering of women and children as a result of social evils like child marriages, infanticide, selective infanticide, sexual abuse, domestic violence, poor female health and sex trafficking. Currently working from three centers in Hyderabad and one in Warangal, they have in their bag as much as 77% success rate in all the cases they take up! Way to go My Choices!

Their recent ad project with Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri and Suresh Raina will set you thinking while at the same time, showcasing the sensitive side of these hardcore players in terms of respect for women.

It’s high time we all join hands with them and support their‪#‎Respect2Protect‬ campaign here!

To know HOW awesome they actually are, here’s their impact report!

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