A List Of Great ‘Anthologies’ You Should Watch If You Love Watching Different Cinema


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An Anthology consists of several different short films, often tied together by a single theme, premise, or with characters having a brief interlocking event (often a turning point). Anthologies are a unique way of Multilinear storytelling which has the capacity to emphasize on more than one character’s development, whilst not ignoring the rest unlike the usual. This storytelling format can address many topics using different characters to the fullest possible, which can’t be done (effectively) if it’s a single character.



This is a famous anthology directed by Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi (Krish) Starring few famous actors like Manchu Manoj, Anushka Shetty, etc. In this movie, all the characters go through their own set of roles coaster rides to end up in a hospital, The pivotal scene, where all the characters share a common screen space. This movie has been one of the path-breaking movies of its own time, (Meh, Even now probably)

2. Manamantha

The latest anthology of telugu by chandrashekar yeleti. The movie is all about 4 different stories of a middle aged man, middle aged woman, A young guy and a little girl. The movie touches all the topics that happens in the lives of these people. That final revealing of all these four belonging to the same family which leaves us stunned for minute. The way everything falls into a place in the climax is worth a mention.

3. Chandamama kathalu

This national award-winning anthology came up from the pen of Praveen Sattaru. Praveen surprises audience everytime, with his uniqueness. He has made, rom-com, adventure flick, love story, and what not. But this Anthology is a brilliant attempt, which was applauded by both critics and audience.


This is one of Mani Ratnam’s all time creative work. The Three major characters in this movie have an interlocking scene involving Howrah Bridge, after which their flow of lives change. This movie left a Standard mark in the Indian film Industry as this was one of the movies which had used Multiple Stars, unlike any other Multi starer movies back then, while providing a scope for Characterisation individually.


This movie is indescribable with mere words and is simply one of the most beautiful and thought-provoking movies which have ever been made in Indian Cinema till date. Directed by Anandh Gandhi, this movie revolves around three different people experiencing their lives joined by more than an event, exploring and extending the idea of SHIP OF THESEUS. Every Character talks about a ubiquitous topic which we know are present, by shining it under a different light. Spirituality as a topic is hardly
explored in any Indian movie. The conversations between a monk and a lawyer are simple enough to tap the Spiritual sense of any person (Spirituality cannot be put in a single sentence, but….). This is the least one can get from here. Apart from this, It explores a different format of filmmaking and contains a lot of Visual Metaphors(Hard to find in Indian cinema). This Description can go for more thousand pages. Just Watch it (for christ’s sake).


A cluster of short films revolving around LUST(Obviously, the title says it) from the women’s side(Yet again another taboo break happens). This movie is a must watch for a major reason as the 4 stories involved are directed by 4 different directors, who are famous for their own style of storytelling. The format of storytelling changes including the cinematography with all the narratives making them a mixture of multiple plain genres. All the protagonists will be seen in a new role which they have never


This is a movie based on women trying their freedom from various perspectives. It is a very bold commercial movie which shed light on gender equality. This movie has some serious takeaways including the explicit content. Issues involving Women of different ages and different cultural backgrounds
have been addressed in an undaunted manner. It is a breakthrough to the mainstream
commercial cinema.


This is an experimental anthology directed by Bejoy Nambiar starring Dulquer Salman in every short story, unlike most of the anthologies. The narrative goes along with 4 different people, while each story revolves around four elements each with the different facets of LORD SHIVA. Adding to this, the movie has a unique touch of art to every story and also between the stories (Like any other Malayalam Movie). Watch till the END (Uncut version. If that is not possible, don’t forget to read the wiki page once done.) HARA HARA MAHADEV


This is a movie directed by Kiran Rao. This story involves 3 major characters who share their living near Dhobi Ghat. This is a unique narrative style which Kiran Rao follows to tell the stories of these 3 people.


1. SENSE 8

This show is easily the most underrated Science fiction Anthology created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski and Micheal Straczynski. This series is extended under a magical realism concept where 8 people (Sensates) from a different part of the world can see, Listen, sense and feel each other (You are right, Even Sex too). This anthology in this concept works magic as the 8 people from different country try to tackle their problems from their own countries. Like, A girl from India tackling religion and A
Kenyan tackling poverty, etc. And this is an intellectual show not only because they succeeded in developing an urge in the audience to see the show as the actor from their region has been casted, (Yes, the cast involves a moderately famous actors from across the world) which would ensure their viewer numbers to hit maximum but also due to the amount and depth of topics they address like LGBTQ, Art, Belief, Bonding, Courage, etc. The situations among the senates from different origins change the perception on various topics like Sex, Love, Beauty, etc. This seems like trying to fit everything in one, but this show has a major support of the writing, which is simply at its best. This show provides a major connection towards the audience due to the emotions and further beyond. This could easily the best TV show made to date (For me at least).

This is a proper anthology which talks about the side effects of technology. There are cases and situations of technological advancements created with which the directors and writers talk about the effects of it on mankind. It is a Psychological, Dark Satirical TV Series which has a numerous Visual Metaphors and analogies which can be connected to our present lives of Virtual and Augmented realities by forgetting the Actual Reality. This is one of the aptest and metaphorical representations of the present and has a major take away.

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