Musings Of A College Professor About His Former Student Sankalp Reddy, The Director Of Ghazi!


Narrated By Raghava Morusupalli, Associate Professor, CSE, CVR College


I returned home after watching “Ghazi”- the first Indian submarine film. I leaned back in my chair in the hall, relaxed, closed my eyes and took a deep breath. SANKALP REDDY….murmured this name and smiled to myself. Now, my heart was filled with a strange kind of satisfaction that I never had before. The satisfaction is similar to the joy when you find a sown and forgotten seed become a big tree after many years. My memories went back to 2002 when Sankalp joined our college in B.Tech.

As I entered your class on my first day, I was equally nervous like you. You were somewhere in the middle benches. You too looked nervous, timid and reticent. But today, when I was watching your creation in the theater, everybody gave a standing ovation to you after national anthem in the movie. Every one in the audience roared like lions while saying JAI HIND. I wondered how a Telugu movie could inspire and move the audience so deeply? I didn’t believe for a moment. Now who can dare to say that a Telugu movie is just the routine stuff with four songs, comedy tracks and commercial elements? You changed the path. You know Sankalp, I was in tears of joy. I could not have got that euphoria if you were into any other field. Thank you for believing in your self, your dream and your passion.

There was deafening silence in the theater when Pakistani torpedoes were about to attack the Indian submarine. There was laughter and sighs of relief when our submarine managed to escape from Ghazi’s torpedoes and counter attack it. Such a gripping presentation made everyone to sit at the edges of our seats. I could see the sense of gratification on everybody’s face while coming out of theater. Deep down in my heart, I am grateful to you for bringing out our Indians’ valor in this beautiful war drama. I am jubilant and proud to say that you are a CVRITE, my student.

Tomorrow, I will go back to our college and tell the students not to fall a prey to routine jobs. I will tell them, they have to fight until their passion and dream becomes reality, like you fought. I will explain to them how great things take time to achieve as it happened in your life. I will motivate them to dream more and more until it gets infused into their blood. I will show you as an example for how sheer determination can make great things happen. I encourage them to explore what miracles they can bring into our lives. I will give your example to them to say that things will eventually fall in your way if you desire it strongly.

I wondered more why I could not recognize your potential back in your engineering days. I thought you were in a different world. I understand now, you were actually about to create a new world. I understood the reason why you were quiet then. ‘You need not shout when your success speaks louder than words’

Now every student is looking like you… The spark in their eyes… The balance in the emotions… The clarity in their choices…. They chose their dreams now…. The silence before a war….You are a true motivation.

This remains here for a long time dear. Now, every CVRite is proud of you because you were once a student here. Every Professor is proud of you, because you could instill the confidence that nothing is impossible. Every Hyderabadi is proud of you, because you are from here. In fact every Indian is proud of you because you have brought out the story of an Indian’s courage.

What more do I want in my life as a teacher? I am ecstatic now. Wish you all the best dear.

Dream more, create more and achieve more….


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