Here’s The Honest Musings Of A Doctor That Prove Being A Doctor Is Not A Job But A Responsibility


Contributed By Siri Kavya


It was a cold morning with bird chimps and fog everywhere. Waking up with a phone call is my daily routine. Don’t think it is my boyfriend who calls me up, it’s my hospital nurse who wakes me up. But this time surprisingly it’s my childhood friend who called me after some 10 years…


ME: Hello, who’s this?
Neha(my friend): Hello Maya this is Neha your school friend hope you remember me.
Me: Yes Neha I do remember how are you doing? (with lots of excitement and confusion)
Neha: Yeah I’m doing good.. (But I can feel her in the voice that she is in need of some help)
Me: Wasup!!! How’s life going on…
Neha: I need help, Maya, I heard that you’re working in a reputed hosp in the city. My father is diagnosed with sepsis. And here in the U.S.A, the treatment is not going well and they said that there’re no hopes for his survival I’m worried…
Me: Yes Neha I can help you please forward me the reports and the treatment he’s taking
Neha: Yeah sure thank you..
Me: Pleasure is mine take care..


Walking out of my room with a cup of filter coffee listening to my favorite annamaya keerthanas which make my day very pleasant and cool.. I feel it’s a good start to my day… Sitting in my balcony thinking about neha’s phone call I forgot that I’m running out of time…Ammayini kada almost ready avadaniki it takes an hour… After one hour of my kastam I started my car to the hospital, it’s around 10 am roads are filled with traffic it took me another one hour to reach my workplace.


Chala mandiki hospital ante nachadu, smell padadu hospital lo ela untaru asalu ilantivi chala untayi but for us being in hospital is completely different experience. When we step into hospital we see new faces wishing us a very good morning with so much of humbleness and faith. We actually love the hospital vibes in which we bring people out of any kind of pain they’re suffering.
Reached my cabin, had a glass of water to get out of that traffic stress. After 10mins of relaxation, I started seeing my outpatients in a while later I received some texts from Neha. Called Neha saying that the position is critical but we can treat him if it’s possible to bring him India please do… Neha replied that I’m fine to bring him down to India, I want my father back with good health… I discussed with my seniors and we are all set to treat Neha’s father.


After a week Neha and his father visited our hospital. Neha busted out with tears by seeing me. Our team gave her the assurance that we are going to give our 100% to bring him out of this. Neha’s father Mr.Prabhu is a business magnet who got settled in states. How do you feel if your own family member who is an active person suddenly becomes like a dead body? That’s how Neha is feeling right now.. Sepsis is a life-threatening illness that disturbs the complete immune system it slowly leads to complete organ failure and sudden death.. We set him in an isolation room where no one can enter and started treating with antibiotics. It’s a task to accomplish more than a task it’s our responsibility to bring him out safe.


It’s almost 13days treating Prabhu and we didn’t notice any new response from him. When everything is going good there occurs a storm and here it is. It was 10 pm I reached my home was about to have my supper, got a call stating that Prabhu’s pulse is getting down and with a severe decrease in saturation. I left my plate and rushed back to hosp with a speed of 110kmph. While driving my thoughts were filled with the promises I gave to Neha and assurance I gave to her mother, thought that everything is turning blue this 13 days me and my staff worked for him day and night. I reached hospital within 30mins and yes Prabhu uncle is not responding his pulse is very low which leads to a cardiac arrest… We announced code blue that means heart arrest so all the emergency team came up and 30mins of continuous CPR and shots of Amiodarone brought him back to life. It was almost 2 am in the morning and we are successful in keeping up our promises…Now there is no chance of going back home I stayed back in the hosp all night and decided to be in hosp until he gets discharged.. So, I took a chair and sat down the whole night looking after him having coffee for every 30mins… I never felt this as stress because of its purely our responsibility.


It’s 25th day of Prabhu uncle admission in our hospital and my birthday too… Almost 10days away from home I really miss my amma filter coffee and birthday special payasam. Amma, nana called me to give me best wishes, pleased to come home tonight but I explained them the situation and they even respected my decision, but my staff will never disappoint me they decorated my cabin with balloons and beautiful rose flowers we had a quick cake cutting session…Neha gave me a call saying amma is waiting for you at the waiting hall.. I went to meet her and you know what surprisingly aunty brought me payasam… I felt very happy, I just gave her a hug and said aunty you made my day.. That’s really a great gesture from her…


30 days of his admission to hospital his kidneys are failing and unable to breathe. Then my seniors suggested that he have to go for dialysis and tracheostomy(It’s a procedure which involves opening/hole in the neck in order to place a tube directly into windpipe, if a person is unable to breathe through nose this is an artificial method for breathing) Even the procedure is risky and it can be a permanent process if he doesn’t get cured. After 6 hours of long stand, we made tracheostomy and made his saturation levels stable. Explained Neha everything she couldn’t control her tears and cried saying why this is happening to my pappa? Made her strong by giving hope that he’s going to be fine very soon.. We are treating with antibiotics and corticosteroids from almost 1 month 15 days. And now Prabhu uncle gave us hope by opening his eyes I called up Neha and informed her that he’s responding to the commands.. Neha is in hospital within 10mins saw her father speaking and cried holding his hand “Nanna I miss you twaraga recover avu Bali tour ki veldam” those were her words to uncle. He smiled back and nodded his head like a kid, aunty was just out of words..We shifted him from isolation room to iccu and gave physio daily within 15 days Prabhu uncle started walking which made me personally emotional that I did it.. Everyone from the chairperson to my consultant congratulated me, After 3 months 17 days I made Prabhu uncle fit as he is before and discharged him with heart full of happiness. I returned back to home after 91 days Inka Indian mothers sentiments telsu kada.. Amma chudaganey adchesindi manalni chala rojula tarwata chusinapudu aney first maata chaala chikkipoyav bujji ma amma kuda alaney anesi adchesindi…7 months tarwata na work place ki okka international post vachindi and you know who it is…yes its prabhu uncle, neha intiki velaka aa process of treatment explain chesthey aa gratitude ga naku thank you chepthu letter pamparu… Aaa letter loo my favorite lines..


Dear Maya,
Today I’m back into my business I’m standing; in fact, I’m jogging here daily. There’re many doctors who gave up on me, and who thought I would be a toy for their earnings and I always feel doctors as commercial fools but you made me feel wrong.. Neha told me that you stayed back in hosp with me for 2 months this life is purely a gift for me from you…thank you is a very small for you but our family will forever be in debt with you..Hope I’ll meet you soon in person and thank.. With two images attached which are from their bali trip.. 😉

To those who think everything is commercial for doctors this is for you..There are doctors who leave their families, health and work for others lives…
Good doctors understand responsibility better than privilege and practice accountability better than business.


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