Mushk Mahal – 300 Year Old Palace Flaunts Beauty Even In Ruins & Neglect!

(This article has been contributed by Kailash Nath Pulijala)
Several monuments and minarets that once dotted the city line as the symbol of glory of erstwhile rulers have vanished in the passage of time due to sheer negligence. Yet some managed to survive. But they too are slowly facing extinction.
Similarly, the once magnificent Mushk Mahal at Attapur is one that is in shambles now. A heritage building built by Miyan Mishk Malik, the Royal Commander of Carnatic forces of last Quli Qutb Shah Abul Hassan Tana Shah some 300 years ago in 1678, this palace is now in a pathetic condition.
Named after its creator, this monument was built in the land given by the Qutb Shahi rulers in 1674 for recreation purpose during summer.
The upper portion of this two-story structure, meant for Mishk’s zenana (boudoir) is seven feet high with a huge balcony and a staircase which leads to open roof. The lower story has spacious chambers enclosed with low wall which is probably meant for rest and sleep.
first floor
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According to archaeology department this monument had a beautiful garden with a fountain in front of it which is now disappeared. Though the first floor is somewhat better shape, the other parts have lost their sheen are in ruins.
Source: The Hindu
The distinct feature of this structure is the central octagonal drum form which has totally been out of model. The upper part has two rows of pointed arches on either side.
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Although this structure is now in ruins and is heeded less than it deserves, as it is deemed as a heritage structure, it needs to and should be tended to and restored to its former glory.

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