School Days Nostalgia Ft. Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee. How Many Of These Nostalgic Things Have You Done In Your School Days?

Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee, A refreshing tale about a gang of high school students in the 90s’. Recent times lo chusina oka heart warming, feel good movie.

About the movie:

Mudhal Nee Mudivum Nee is a Tamil language coming-of-age romantic drama film written and directed by Darbuka Siva. Debut director, he also scored music for this film. 1st half is all about childhood, school days and nostalgia. Whereas, the 2nd half is all about adulthood.

I just loved all the characters. Chinese character aythe major plus ee movie ki. Also the album deserves a special mention.

Walkmans, video cassettes, Spencer Plaza.. Ivanni late 80’s and 90’s born vallake telusu. Things chala simple ga undevi, crush nundi oka chinna look vastene abba chalu ivaltiki anukune rojulu, andaram kalisi school ki velladam, vere sections lo friends unte breaks lo kalusukovadam… ila boledu memories unnai. Okay meru already movie chuseste high five, lekapothe chuseyandi.

Here are some of the most memorable and tiniest nostalgic things from the movie, that’ll just take you back to your school days instantly:

1. School ki start ayye mundhu cycle chain padadam:

2. Last bell kottelopu school ki parugethukuntu velladam:

3. Friday vaste colourful dress lu.. especially ammayilu butta chethulu chudidhar lu, langa jacket lu:

4. Kotha class ki velle mundhu Admission room ki velli, pay chesi set of books tesukodam:

5. Prathi roju board meedha date, day, subject name and oka kotha English quote:

6. Boys, girls ni shuffle chesi kurchopettadam:

7. That one epic school bell: Tringgggggg!!!

8. Link lu pettadam, link pettina ammayi medhaki friends thoyyadam:

9. Boys ki separate ga, girls ki separate ga edo seminar ani chepi.. Reproduction chapter explain cheyadam:

10. Computer Lab- Oka system mundhu mugguru:

11. Games room- carrom board, throw ball, volleyball, ring, shuttle

March past- Drums, Color flags:

12. Separate shirts for sports:

13. Rakhi:

14. The epic slam book on the last day of the school:

15. 90s’ lunch butta lu:

16. School byata baddi kottu:

17. Punishments: Especially kneel down and Goda kurchi:

18. Walkman lo first love tho kalisi school ayipoyaka ala naduchukuntu paatalu vinadam:

Also ee pic chusaka, uniform ki unde badges kuda gurtochai, konthamandhiki tie kuda untundi.

19. Cycle stand:

20. Teacher duster, chalk piece visaradam:

21. Anthamandhi strict teachers madyalo, oke okka manchi teacher. Everyone’s favorite:

22. Class motham gola gola chesthunte.. punishment matram okadike istaru. Papam epudu dorikipothadu:

23. That one epic full class picture. Andaru 50/- katti mari copy teesukuntaru:

24. Dance preparations be like:


26. This is how 90s’ kids used to open their lunch boxes in school:

27. Oka vandha kothi panullo idi oka kothi pani.. shirt medha ink veyadam:

28. Intervals lo bench ekki kurchodam, class madyalo box open chesi tinadam:

29. Farewell/Annual day functions: Starting with classical dance and ending with mass song

30. That one picture with our gang on the farewell day: Boys emo colorful shirts, formal pants, tuck mukhyam amma. Girls emo Langa voni lu, plain saree with gold border sarees (amma cheera).

Ala scroll chesthunte entha beautiful ga undho kadha! This will definitely take you back to the 90s’ school days. Our school days are one of the best times. School friendships, First love.. Those are just pure and innocent memories, that we can’t forget easily.

Siva, what a man you are!? Such a multi talented.. Director, writer, music director, Cameo ufff! Out of sync anukopothe last lo ee title track vinandi. I’m damn sure you’ll love it. Sid sriram voice andi babu.

Kudos to the whole team of MNMN. This beautiful tale is now available on ZEE5.

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