Movies Our Tollywood Directors Can Only Do In A Parallel World!


Far away from the earth and stars lies a world where anything is possible. Normally, termed as the Parallel World, you ought to do more than Interstellar travel to get there. So for all of you who can’t get there, we bring to you 7 movie-director combinations that can only happen out there in that parallel world.


1. Rajamouli – Dongala Muta

There are 100 reasons we can state why the master can do a movie like ‘Dongala Muta’ only in a parallel world. The most obvious one, the master will never make a film in 3 days. And the master can also never direct something this crappy.



2. Puri Jagannadh – Bahubali

Only in a parallel world will Puri Jagannadh ever try to make a film for 3 years. The real big question is, why make one film in 3 years, when you can make plenty trips to Bangkok, have innumerable Thai massages and can also spare time to direct 4 or more flicks in the same time?



3. Boyapati Srinu – Anand

Coffee for Blood? Boyapati might only swap this offer in a parallel world. A guy who prefers making you ride in the storm will only give you a gentle breeze ride in a parallel world.



4. Srinu Vaitla – 1 Nenokkadine

Only in a parallel world (and make sure it’s a parallel world without Bramhanandam) will Srinu Vaitla make a suspense thriller film like 1-Nenokkadine. The master of comedy might only try his luck at other genres in a world where audience are a little more smart and serious.



5. Sekhar Kammula – Chenna Kesava Reddy

In a parallel world, Chenna Kesava Reddy might have been a junior trying to get revenge on his seniors.



6. Sukumar – Rabhasa

Only in a parallel world will a guy who always try to make off beat flicks will make a conventional and outdated film with Brahmanandam at the core of it. We with all heart hope ‘Nannaku Prematho’ isn’t filmed in a parallel world.



7. Meher Ramesh – Prasthanam

Far away from here and at the other end of the black holes will we find a world with such an epic script in Meher Ramesh’s flicks. A parallel world where style doesn’t dominate the script and audience intelligence is respected might be where Meher Ramesh can pull out such an epic flick. We really hope Meher makes a journey to this parallel world.



8. RGV – Ye Maaya Chesaave

RGV is the brand ambassador for blood. It is really hard to think that RGV can make a movie with zero people killed in any sane universe.



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