Meet Mourya Bharadwaj, A Graduate From NIT Warangal Who Secured AIR 28 In UPSC 2021 By Parallelly Working In An MNC

Mana life lo konni sarlu manam anukunnavi late ga jaragochhu, but gattiga anukunte jaragadam mathram pakka. Mana engineering lo M1 5-6 times rasina fail ayyam ankondi, who knows next attempt lo pass avutham emo.? Anduke give-up cheyakudadhu. Alane Mana Mourya gaaru kuda face chesaru. But he finally cracked UPSC 2021 with AIR 28. Let’s know more about our telugu bidda !

Family Background

Mantri Mourya Bharadwaj hails from Narsipatnam, Anakapalle district. His father, Satya Prasad is a headmaster in government school. His mother, Radha Kumar is a pharmacist in government hospital. His brother is a surgeon at AIMS.

Educational Background:

He did his graduation from NIT Warangal in ECE department in 2014. Tarvatha 2 years oka MNC lo work chesaru. 2016 lo job resign chesi, he wanted to achieve his childhood dream, so started preparing for Civils.. Delhi ki velli coaching tiskunnaru.

‘Believe in your hard work’

He gave an attempt in 2018, 2019 . Interview varaku vellina but unfortunately final selections lo clear cheyalekapoyaru. Then back to work, 2020 lo Micron ane MNC (Hyderabad) lo work cheyadam start chesaru, and he is still working for the same company. Parallel ga Civils kuda prepare ayyaru.

He said, ”Uncertainty about the career might be the reason that I didn’t clear before” but job lo join ayyaka oka barosa untadhi kada, adhi rakapoyina, I have something to lean on ani. He felt the same. Ee sari attempt chedham, rakapothey thanu unna field lo ne settle avdham ani anukunnaru. That built confidence in him and started preparing for UPSC simultaneously.

Last year Group A central service ochindi. But with persistence and patience he tried giving an attempt again. But this time,

Luck favoured his hard work’

He secured AIR 28 in UPSC 2021, Now he’ll get the service he opt for.

He said, ‘Confidence is the Key’ that got him here today. Focused ga prepare ayyi job odhilesi attempt chesinappudu raledhu, but nachina job cheskuntu dream ni marchipokunda prepare aina time lo manchi rank ochindi. Finally Warmest Congratulations on your achievement !

Miru kuda anukunnadhi neravere varaku give-up ivvakandi. We never know next minute eh manaku success ravochemo. Just believe in yourself that ‘Hard work never goes waste!

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