This 3 Decade Old Hyderabad Antique Shop Will Surely Take You Back In Time!

We all must have been to visit a historical place at least once in our life, especially the people of Hyderabad. Ever wonder how ancient the interiors in Falaknuma Palace are? Or what would the interiors in the Paigah palace cost? Well, you may not find the exact information you are looking for. But hey, you can own one for sure. Wait? Own historical antiques? Your brain must have immediately pictured Auctions, online purchases and etc, right? Not! We saved you some trouble, you will find all you need at one place.

We have our very own outlet of Antique dealers in this city, located adjacent to dine hill restaurant in Masab Tank. “Moughal Arts” is a shop that deals with second hand antique pieces and historical references of certain phases. This shop is more than 3 decades old, run by Mirza Azhar Ali Baig. “Mirza Ali Baig” was the founder of this shop. Each and every item definitely dates back at least 60 years, some are even a 100 years old. The only feeling we get when we visit this heritage shop is that all of these items are still lively and not just some dead pieces of metal. Mirza is an avid follower of the Nizams and also likes to share snippets and stories of Hyderabadi History with people who visit his shop.

Baig’s family was the first to enter into this kind of business in the city. The store has witnessed large celebrity presence from around the country since its inception. He proudly lists names of the celebrities like Rekha, Raj Babbar and several others who have visited his store. His customers include foreigners as well. The main attractions at this place are the cuckoo clock, porcelain tiles, ceramic wall plates, English paintings, Moughal water-paintings, old hookah pots, post-cards, old cameras, perfume bottles and old wine bottles. The most fascinating thing is that all of these items can still be used as they are in mint condition.

His shop caters to each one’s interest and the people who visit once are sure to come back again and never, ever leave empty handed. Also, there are various items on display that could send your brain into a tizzy. When asked about the authenticity of these products he just says “Humara Naam bas hai, jho humein jaantein hai woh kharreed lete!”. For any Middle class families or antique item seekers, this is a must visit place. Decorate your home with a piece of history.

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