Funny, Emotional & Relatable.. This Mother’s Day, Checkout Our Special “AMMA” Videos!


“Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society”. Ento, prathi roju celebrate cheskovalsina day ni, oka Sunday ki fix chesi, mana mohaanna padesaaru ee thelloolu.. Ee template ne manam kuda follow avthu osthunnam. Irrespective of this special day, we at ChaiBisket, have been doing videos on MOM/ Mother/ AMMA/ GODDESS. From ridiculously funny to heavy hearted emotional content, here, we present you few of our best videos from our list:


What if someone from the future just walks into your life to tell you something important? This conversation between a 25 Year old Suhas and a 35 Year old Suhas answers that very question. The crux of the story lies with “MOTHER” being a part of life and how today, we ignore her phone calls keeping our busy life as a reason.


Our first video for MOTHER’S DAY, released in 2016. The video talks about not gifts, but giving mother “respect”.



Telugu mom’s are probably the most savage people ever. Checkout this video where they deliver burns on an everyday basis!


You can run.. You can hide.. But you can’t escape her love. Ardam kaaledha? Check this out..


Mother Next Door: You have surely had this conversation with your mom, aunt, cousin, or your own self.. Relatable!


Like Mother – Like Daughter: Different in our own ways, but very much similar. Here’s how:


Ever thought of talking to your mom about boyfriend problems? This is what we think will/should happen.


Typical thattukoleni prema – when you come home after a break/ during holidays.. This is what happens:


Every parent dreams about seeing their daughter happily married. See what mother’s have to say:


We have so many things in life that keep us busy, entertained and happy. Our world is filled with things, people and so much more. But for a mother, we are her world!

Struggles of a 22+ Ammai can’t be more relatable:

Ee AMMA PREMA next level amaa!


Latest addition to this list, Mother’s day ki, manam mana mom ki ivvagalige biggest gift, out time and value.. checkout ‘A Date With Mom’:


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