Narendra Modi Stadium: Things To Should Know About World’s largest Cricket Stadium

All the cricket fans, welcome andi.. Prathisari match lo evaraina players highlight aytharu, kani eesari mathram Stadium eh super highlight aythundi, match ni chudala stadium ni chudala anentha andham ga undi mana Narendra Modi (Motera Stadium). Mari mana cricket fans andharni pichi ekkisthuna mana worlds largest cricket stadium sangati ento oh look edham..

Key highlights of our worlds largest cricket stadium

  1. Capacity

Motera stadium has a capacity of 1,32,000 spectators making it the biggest cricketing venue in the world, surpassing the Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground of seating capacity around 1,00,000.

Ippudu covid valla present match lo half capacity ante 50,000 spectators ni mathrame allow chesthunnaru..

2. Budget

Inthaku mundhu ee stadium lo around 45,000 seating capacity undedi, and now a total of Rs 800 crore was spent to renovate this grand stadium in Ahmedabad. It had hosted its first ODI back in 1984.

3. Land

The stadium is spread across 63 acres of land in Ahmedabad and is also connected with the city metro.

Antha area and height lo eh stand nunchi chusina view adhiripodhii..

4. Corporate boxes

There are a total of 76 corporate boxes in the stadium with a capacity of 25 each. All of these corporate boxes are air conditioned.

5. Biggest Parking space across the world

A total of 3,000 cars can be parked at the venue as well as 10,000 two wheelers. Seating capacity lone kadhu parking capacity lo kuda manadhe worlds biggest.

6. Not only cricket

Only cricket ground eh kadhu, ikkada cricket academy kuda undi, numerous indoor pitches and a number of facilities for other sports like football, hockey, basketball etc.

7. First time in India with LED lights

There are no floodlights towers or pillars which means fans can have an uninterrupted view of the action. It is the first time that the field of an Indian cricket stadium has been fitted with LED lights.

8. Players comfort

The stadium complex has two practice grounds with nine pitches. In addition, there are 11 more pitches of varying nature. There are four dressing rooms, each has its two gyms with warm up areas.

A built in clubhouse with 55 rooms further adds to the stadium’s glory. The clubhouse features both indoor & outdoor games, restaurants, an Olympic size swimming pool, gym as well as a 3D projector theatre.

9. Drainage system

An innovative drainage system that allows the action to resume within 30 minutes of heavy rain.

10. Hosted the ‘Namaste Trump’ event

Exact last year idhe time ki ee stadium lo appati US president mana Donald Trump and PM Modi garu Namaste Trump (Maiden India Tour) ane event chesaru.. Ah viral ayina Trump speech ee ground lo chepindhee.

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