Momo Suicide Challenge: A Much Dangerous Game Than The Famous Blue Whale Game


Past few years lo entho mandhi teenagers suicides ki kaaranam aina Blue Whale Challenge lanti oka twisted and horrendous game/challenge malli resurface ayyindhi. Ee Game/ Challenge peru MOMO (Suicidal) Challenge. Blue whale challenge la separate app la kakunda direct ga Facebook messaging service aina WhatsApp ni platform ga chesukuni ee game Argentina, France, Mexico, USA and Germany lo outspread aindi. Recent ga India lo kuda spread aindhi ani konni media sources report chesayi. Lets get into the details of this game..


Where Did This Game/Challenge Start From :
According to BBC Brazil and The Computer Crime Investigation Unit of the State of Tabasco, Mexico.
Ee game oka Facebook group lo start aindhi, aa group lo unna participants ki oka unknown number icchi, aa number ni valla contacts list lo MOMO ani save chesukomani, aa number tho WatsApp dwara communication start cheyyali anedhi aa challenge.


What Happens To Its Participants? :

According to Buenos Aires Times, an Argentinian News outlet
Sarada kosamo..thrill kosamo ee MOMO-associated contact tho interact avvatam start chesthe..First, aa profile nunchi users profile ki konni disturbing, voilent and graphic photos (in some cases maybe videos) vasthayi. Aa taruvatha ee game users ki konni ‘Objectives‘ set chesthundi and a users personal information gather chesaka, okavela aa objective follow avvakapothe users private information ni public chestham ani bedirincho, ledha valla loved ones ni hurt chestham ani threaten cheso…aa objectives ni follow ayyela chesthundi.

According to La RepĂșblica, a peruvian Newspaper
MOMO profile users ki pampe photos kani, challenges kani Pro-suicide i.e in favor of suicide ga untayi, sending a photo of someone tying a sheet around their neck.

According to Diario Populara local newspaper published in SarandĂ­, Argentina.
One man said his 15-year-old daughter received a message with a picture of a dead person and information about her home, family and friends and threatened to kill her if she doesn’t follow the objectives.


What Is It’s Target?

Ee game main target Teenagers.Edhi right o edhi wrong o distinguish chesukoleni chinna pillalu ee game aadi, aa messages ki respond avvakapothe em authundho ani bhayapadi, aa objectives complete chese process lo vallani valle hurt chesukuntunnaru. Konni areas lo children ilanti conversations lo engage kakudadhu ani chepthu campaigns kuda start chesaru.

Inkonni cases lo, ee game main target mana personal information ni acquire cheyyatame ani, may be konni chat threads dwara manaki teliyakundane mana cell phone loki Spyware install chesi daani dwara mana mobile cameras ni access chesthundi ani majority of the people nammuthunnaru.

As of August 6th 2018, three phone numbers are associated with MOMO on WhatsApp.
( Numbers telisina.. ikkada disclose cheyyatam ledhu).
1) A Japanese phone number that starts with +813.
2) A Colombian phone number that starts with +52.
3) A Mexican phone number that starts with +57.


Reported Incidents:

On 22nd July 2018 (Sunday), Argentina Capital city aina Buenos Aires ki 48 kilometers dooram lo unna Ingeniero Maschwitz ane town lo a 12 year old girl committed suicide by hanging herself from a tree in her family’s backyard.
Prior to her suicide, aa process ni thana mobile lo film chesindhi.

Ee suicide venukala motivation emai untundhi ane aspect medha ee case ni further investigate chesi akkadi Juvenile Court ki refer chesaru local police. Anthe kakunda oka statement kuda ichharu stating
The phone has been hacked to find footage and WhatsApp chats, and now the alleged adolescent with whom she exchanged those messages is being sought. We believe the intention was to upload the video to social media as part of a challenge aimed at crediting the Momo game for the suicide

Presently ee okka incident ae report aindhi and the officials issued a warning to the parents to monitor the browsing activity of their children.


The Risks Of Playing The Game:

1: Theft of personal information.
2: Incitement to suicide or violence.
3: Harassment.
4: Extortion.
5: Physical and psychological disorders (anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.)


The Story Behind The Picture:

Ee MOMO game, Bulging eyes, wide mouth and other distorted features unde oka weird and creepy doll picture ni DP ga/ ee challenge ki face ga use chesthundhi. Sagam bird la sagam women la unde ee Doll (Sculpture) peru ‘Mother Bird’ . This sculpture was created by Japanese special effects company, Link Factory and (Believed to be) sculpted by a Japanese artist Midori Hiyashi.

According to BBC Brazil
In August 2016, The sculpture was in the Vanilla art gallery located in Ginza, a luxurious district of Tokyo, and was part of an exhibit about ghosts and specters.

Ee challenge tho ee Doll ni sculpt chesina artist ki gani, create chesina special effects company ki gani etuvanti sambandhamu ledhu.


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