PUBG Ah Mazaak Ah: Crowd Goes Mad As PM Modi Uses A PUBG Reference


PUBG ki unna craze gurinchi kothaga cheppedhi, vinedhi em ledhu.

Already India wide chala colleges, schools and universities lo PUBG ban ayyindhi. For example, Vellore VIT lo.

In fact, Gujarat state is looking forward to ban the game once and for all, completely, entire state-wide.

Meeru kuda schools, colleges maanesi PUBG aaduthu kurchuntara? Mee mother kuda mimmalni chusi, ‘Chee.. pani paata ledha ra, eppudu chudu, ah phone chusthu kurchuntav‘ antaraa.. Ithe welcome to the club.

Ilage oka sagatu mother, evartho cheppukovali arthamkaaka, seedha mana PM Modi garitho ne aame baadha cheppukunnaru.

Who would’ve thought that 68-year-old Modi ji knows about the online sensation PUBG!!?

Here’s the epic video of Modi rocking the crowd with PUBG reference:



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