This Real Story Of How A Village Was Transformed By It’s Residents Will Amaze You!

Gangadevipally is a small village located in Geesukonda mandal of Warangal Dist.
It was just like any other village in India having it’s fair share of regular social, economic, and political problems. The village lacked basic necessities such as water; health and educational facilities, there were never adequate employment opportunities.
Being remote and cut off from the grampanchayath, no development activities happened here. People’s lives were filled with misery and despair. So many things could change and yet they didn’t. All because, people in their desperation, kept waiting, waiting, and waiting for others to bring about change into their lives. Over two decades ago the people of village decided they had waited enough and decided to come together and bring about the change they wanted on their own.
A committed leader Mr. Kusam Raja Mouli was not comfortable with the situation prevalent in his village. He wanted to bring about a significant change in the village. As an initial step, they succeeded in banning the sale and consumption of alcohol after. To provide better services to the village, the leaders approached Bala Vikasa,a reputed Warangal-based NGO working with community driven development for the last three decades, for assistance in solving the drinking water problem. Using BalaVikasa’s models of Asset Based Community Development, the community was mentored in uniting themselves in identifying, mobilizing and using locally available resources and capacities to build the foundation blocks of their village
In 2014 October As part of the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana Prime Minister Narendra Modi decalred Gangadevipally as model village and in 2015 August CM KCR sanctioned grant of 10crs in grama jyothi programme.
There are around 24 committees for the development of GangadevipallY like
1. SOPAR – Bala Vikasa Drinking Water Committee

2. Sanitation Committee

3. Clean and Green Committee

4. Alcohol Prohibition Committee

5. Ganga Dish Committee

6. Chaitany Sikshana(Training) Committee

7. Craft Persons’ Coordination Committee

8. Civil Supplies’ Committee

9. Loans Recovery Committee

10. Women’s Problem Resolving Committee

11. Education Committee

12. Mothers’ Committee

13. Youth Committee

14. Farmer’s Committee

15. Plastics Prohibition Committee

16. Widows Committee

17. Pensiondarula Committee

18. Handicapped Welfare Committee

19. Internal Audit Committee

20. Gramykya Sangham

21. Women’s Development Committee

22. Upadi Hami (NREGA) Committee

23. BNV’s Committee

24. Coordination Committee
100% alcohol prohibition
100% house tax collection
100% houses have toilets
100% usage of toilets
100% family planning (all families have only two children)
100% participation in savings’ groups/schemes
100% literacy
100% drinking purified water
100% child labor free
100% children attend school
From 1995 – 2006, women were chief elected representatives

Gangadevipally village is attracting thousands of visitors every year from different sections of the society not only from India but from many other countries.If every village takes inspiration from Gangadeviapally then then there will be development every where.
Hail Gangadevipally villagers

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