12 Modable Movies To Watch Before Watching Avengers: EndGame


With just a few days ahead for Avengers: Endgame release, a lot of people are wondering what all movies to watch before actually watching the Endgame, to understand it fully. Here’s a mind bending list of modable movies you need to watch before watching Avengers: EndGame.


1. Rayalaseema Ramanna Chowdary: The First Avenger

Some, 150 years ago, When there were no Avengers, Ramanna, from Kadapa became the first ever Avenger. And this is his origin story.


2. Shakthi: The Infinity Stones

What are these stones? Where did these come from? Who’s brain child is this ‘stones’ concept. Directed by Marvel Ramesh, this mind bending movie gives a great introduction of all 6 stones.

P.S: This is also the first movie, where we see Thanos. Just Marvel Ramesh things.


3. Pandavulu of the Galaxy:

This is the origin story of Drax, Star Lord, Gamora and Groot starts on ‘Manchu’ kondalu. By watching them its clearly evident that they’re not from this galaxy.


4. Shadow: The Dark World

Marvel Ramesh strikes back with yet another Marvellous, Mind bending movie. This movie is so dark that you literally can’t see and understand anything.


5. Jaya Janaki Panther:

Enter the filthy rich world of B’challa (Bellam challa), The king of Manikonda. You’ll see a fight for every 2 mins into the movie. Directed by ‘Boye’ Russo, A visionary physicist.


6. Sakhsyam: The Summer Soldier

The Bucky we all know is not the real Bucky. He is not always so serious. He had a great past. Usually we choose our heroes, but here nature chose him for us. And gave us a ‘sweet’ super hero.


7. Doctor Parama Veera Chakra

This ‘strange’ man is extremely popular for his ‘magics’. He does the impossible so easily. He can even meditate in the air, and a lot of other mad stunts. Just watch it, I say.


8. Spyder-Man: Edupu Coming:

Directed by Murugunolan, This is the saddest movie the fans have watched. We cried during the movie, after the movie, we still cry whenever we watch this movie.


9. Captain Ramulamma:

The name says it all, the mightiest female superhero the earth has seen. Reyyy Thanos, ma akka osthundi raa.. Ready ga undu!


10. M*******du:

You’ll hate this character for what he did, after the movie. He surely is a M******du, adhe adhe, Mahanubhavudu.


11. Na Peru Thanos, Na Illu Titan:

He’s senseless, he’s reasonlessly angry, he’s basically a pain in the ass. This origin story gives you a gist into why Thanos is like this.


Last, but definitely not the least..

12. Agents of K.A.V.A.C.H.A.M

He atacc, He has 6 pacc, But most importantly He Protecc.

Designs: Madhav Sai Jaswanth


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