This AP MLA’s Efforts To Save Trees From Being Cut Is Winning Hearts All Around!


Normally, we don’t want to care much about the environment but only when the summers come in, we wish there were millions more trees to avoid the heat. And when it comes too road extensions, we see so many buildings as well as trees on the sideways being wiped out to make space for the roads. But one MLA from Krishna district wasn’t ready to see trees being cut down when the Government ordered to extend the Vijayawada-Machilipatnam highway.



Penamaluru MLA Bode Prasad garu has made sure that the trees that came under the widening area were not axed down and even spent his own money for their relocation. He even made sure that the work was going as he planned by supervising the relocation of trees all by himself.



The process of relocation of trees is done by cutting down few branches of the tree and then digging a hole around the base in order to uproot it without any damage. Then these trees are loaded on to a truck and lowered down by crane into a pit dug into a sizeable pit.


Source: BBC

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