This Thought Provoking Docu-drama On Farmers Crisis By A Hyderabadi Filmmaker Is Something You Should Be Waiting For!


A film which depicts the sad state of farmers in detail is sure to move even the rock hearts to tears! The condition of farmers in our country is very pathetic. The number of suicides committed by them shows us some worrying facts about their state. Moved by this, Anshul Sinha, an independent film maker, from Hyderabad took up the task of making a film on this critical issue and putting in front of the whole country. The result of this thought and his hard work is ‘Mitti- Back to the Roots’.

“Mitti” is a 90-minute fictional film on crisis of agriculture and farmer suicides in India. 25 major issues from drought to pricing policies are shown as the responsible factors for this crisis. Anshul Sinha has already done 19 films for which he received 104 Awards at various film festivals in India. Dr. Ramanjaneyulu GV- Executive Director of Centre of Sustainable agriculture came forward and helped to work on this film.

This film is based on several real life incidents from across the country. The film which was initially made in Hindi will later be dubbed into other languages as well. The sources for this film are raised through Crowd Funding and Volunteer support. Many unanswered questions about agriculture and crisis of farmers are raised in this film. A lot of work has gone into making it as they researched the state of farmers in almost 6 states of India. The film which is facing distribution problems to get it released nationwide. But makers are hopeful about its release soon. The link to the trailer of this film and a song describing the plights of farmers called “Mitti Song” are given below.


Check out the trailer here:


Here’s the song:


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