Here’s How Telangana Government’s Mission Kakatiya Initiative Is Saving The Lakes In The State!


Mission kakatiya is one of the most functional schemes introduced by the Telangana Government. The Government of Telangana has taken up a massive programme of Restoration of all Minor Irrigation Tanks, under initiate programme titled ‘MISSION KAKATIYA’ with a tag line of “ManaOoru – ManaCheruvu” The way they plan to achieve this is through community involvement.

Mission Kakatiya is a noble program by the Government of Telangana not only to revive the neglected water bodies, but even to put them to optimum use to bring back the rich cultural and agricultural prosperity of the once resplendent Telangana the way it existed during the Kakatiya Rule.

From the pre-Satavahana era, Construction of tanks in Telangana has been an established practice. Robust tanks with the best technical expertise had been constructed during the rule of kakatiya, these include Ramappa, Pakhala, Laknavaram, Ghanapuram, Bayyaram which were built by Kakatiyas. Needless to say, these tanks greatly helped the agriculture pursuits and overall development and prosperity of the Kakatiya kingdom.

Mission Kakatiya aims to rebuild over 5,000 tanks that were established between 1163-1323 AD during the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty. The government desires to uphold the vision of Kakatiyas which envisages revival and restoration of Minor Irrigation Sources in Telangana State.

With a target of restoring 9,306 tanks per year, to reach the final number of 46,531 tanks in five years, the Government has chosen to restore the minor irrigation tanks to utilise the allocated water of 90Tmcft from Krishna river and 175Tmcft of Godvari water, as these tanks are the major source of irrigation. With the heavy rains all over the state, the results of this highly fruitful exercise will now be enjoyed by the farmers in full.


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