Reasons Why Every True Cricket Fan Misses Yuvraj Singh In National Cricket Team


Being a hard-core fan of Yuvraj Singh, I badly miss him in our National cricket team. The impact he created in cricket fans all over the world is something exceptional and undying! Yuvraj Singh is not only a great player, he is something more! We have seen him through his thick and thin.
Note: Remember that vintage stylish fast Yuvi while reading this article and you will definitely miss him as well:


1. Batting
Name one batsman who swings his bat so stylishly like Yuvraj Singh. To watch him play that flick shot is pure bliss. He is one of the greatest batsmen the world cricket has ever seen! And his numbers are just a proof for it. Right from the crucial innings in Natwest series final 2002(Lords) to Six sixes in an over (2007) to score 150 against England (2017). Ohhh my god – all of them are epic in their own way. And the six sixes video will always gives me Goosebumps.


2. Bowling
He may not be a great spinner, but he picked wickets in crucial times. He has always delivered and produced some miracles when team needed the most. And remember, he is the only Indian spinner to take 5 wickets haul in a world cup match.


3. Fielding
One of the best fielder in world cricket. Standing in the point position, rushing towards the ball and hitting the stumps even from a 90-degree angle, only possible for Yuvi! And not to forget about those single handed catches πŸ™
These 3 points sumps up why he is the greatest all-rounder India has ever seen.


4. Attitude
The way he celebrates
The way he screams
The way he runs
The way he attacks the ball
The way he hugs
And the way he teases his fellow mates πŸ˜…

His attitude is what made him loved by everyone.


5. Fighting away odds
He battled with cancer, stood tall and won against it. The way he has recovered is something unimaginable. I agree, it slowed him down, but he survived! Now, he is helping hundreds of cancer patients with his foundation β€˜YouWecan’. Kudos!


6. World Cup Specialist
Those beautiful match winning knocks in 2000(U19), 2007 T20 and 2011 ODI World cups. Consistently performing in such a huge platform is something remarkable and not an easy task.
Player of the tournament in 2000 (U19) and 2011 world cups.
203 runs and took 12 wickets in eight matches in Under 19 world cup. First cricketer in the world to score more than 300 runs and to take 15 wickets in a single world cup.
And we all know what happened to him while he was playing 2011 cricket world cup.


7. Irreplaceable
He is the only one of such kind and his place is irreplaceable. 4th place (2nd down) for India is still not found after Yuvraj ran out of form (due to various reasons). A true replacement is not yet found and that’s the only weak link we have in this coming world cup (as of now).


He is an all-rounder in every aspect. We can’t compare him with anyone because he is something special and everyone witnessed it. We are missing that Vintage Yuvi! But he came, he fought, and he conquered! Nevertheless, you will me by forever champ and forever inspiration Yuvi. I love you 6X6 times 😍
What a true legend he is. Salute for everything that you have done to our National cricket team.
Number 12 will always be remembered.


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