Here’s Why You Need To Visit Bhavani Island In Vijayawada For Your Next Vacation!

Mini Goa Experience.
Summer Holidays, where are you guys planning to go? “Goa” ani manasu antunte “Budget ledu” ani Mind antundaa? Chill people… You can now experience all those water sports that you love Goa for without having to shell out so much money. Inthaki aa place enti ani anukuntunaraa? Bezawada! Yes, believe me! Champions Yacht Club of Goa has redesigned Bhavani Island beyond your wildest imagination. And it is absolutely mind-blowing!
How to reach?
Start your day around 8 in the morning; there is a pick up point at Haritha Berm Park, Bhavanipuram its around 500 meters away from the Durga temple. The journey from the pick up point to the Island is just amazing. The cool breeze will relax you and make you forget all your tensions. Now pile up all the excitement, the day is going to be super duper fun.
First half of the day.
Direct water sport ki vellipodhaam ane? No. First give your body some warm up adventures. There’s Paint ball, gunshot with balloons, tandem cycling and much more.
There are so many resorts if at all you guys need some refreshment. How about you try the free floating restaurants there? Why sit at one please when you have such a cool facility? 😀

The most exciting part.
Time to experience some water sports which will make you forget Goa for a while. There are so many rides. Jetski and Ringo ride, Water cycling, Water Roller, Banana Boat, Kayak ride.
Finally, end up with Parasailing, why? Make sure you guys take that ride when the sun is all set to go down, trust me you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

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