78 Shortcuts Every Millennial Needs To Know To Use In Daily Life


Contirbuted By Harika Mahalakshmi


There are too many shortcuts we are using in social media every day. Abba fodduna lechinappati nundi mana chethilo unde Phone lo enno ennno shortcuts taguluthunnai, chusthunnam, Inkaa vaadutunnam. Type cheyyadaniki simple undhano.. lekapothe time kalisi vasthundano ala vadesthunnam. Kaani avathali vaariki ardham ayyindha.. ledha.. ani alochincham inka cheppalante manaki entha varaku thelusu…?

Mana varaku vasthe edho google tho gourvavam kapaadukuntunam anukondi…Mari vaatilo manki entha theluso..em em unnayo oka look veyyandi.. mana dictionary lo unnave, mem chudam antara? Abbe ivi mana Instagram, Facebook, Twitter lo roju chustunnam…..

P.S : Ardham kaakapote vadaddu


LOL– Laughing out loud

BTW– By the way

HBD– Happy Birth Day

OMG– O My God

TYSM– Thank You So Much

TYVM– Thank You Very Much

PS– Post Scriptum

PC– Picture Credits

DL– Download

FWD– Forward


Abba ivvani maaku thelusu antaaraaa… Saree look down once


BRB– Be Right Back

PDA– Public Display of Affection

BD– Big Deal

JK– Just Kidding

LMK– Let Me Know

MYOB– Mind Your Own Business

NVM– Never mind

KK– Cool, Okay

QQ– Quick Question


RLY– Really

SRLSY– Seriously

TMI– Too Much Information

YW– You’re Welcome

FOMO– Fear of Missing Out

IMO– In My Opinion

XOXO– Hugs and Kisses

TP– Time Pass

BBL– Be Back Later

BBS– Be Back Soon

FYI– For Your Information

FTFY– Fixed This for You


FTW– For the Win

FYE– For Your Entertainment

GTI– Going Through It

HTH– Happy to Help / Here to Help

F2F– Face 2 Face

GFU– Good For You

GL– Good Luck


IRL– In Real Life

NBC – No Body Cares Through

NTW– Not To Worry

OOTD– Outfit Of The Day

QOTD– Quote Of The Day

FOTD– Find Of The Day

YOLO– You Only Live Once

AFAIK– As Far As I Know

DGYF– Dang Girl You Fine

FWIW– For What Its Worth


IDC– I Don’t Care

IDK– I Don’t Know

IIRC-If I Remember Correctly

IMHO– IN My Honest Opinion


JSYK– Just So You Know

LMAO– Laughing My Ass Off

NTS– Not To Self

SMH– Shaking My Hand


TBH– To Be Honest

TL– Too Long

DR– Didn’t Read

YGTR– You Got That Right

FFS– For Fu_____’s Sake

WTF– What The F___


NFW– No Fu________ way

STFU– Shut The Fu_____ Up

BFN-Bye For Now

CYL– See You Later

GTG– Got To Go

OMW– On My Way

TTYL– Talk To You Later

TYT– Take Your Time


FBF– Flash back Friday

FF– Follow Friday

TBT– Throwback Thrusday

MT– Mind That/ Modified Tweet

PRT– Partial Retweet

S/O– son of kadhandoi… “Shout Out” ani kuda Short cut

NSFW– Not Safe For Work


Ok. Chusaaru kada Irritation vachinda. Maname kanipettam kada mari…alage untai…ok DR.. ade nandi Done Right.


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