The Reason Why ‘NSNI’ Team Chose This Small Village For Audio Release Will Make You Respect Them!


Located in the district of West Godavari, Madhavaram is a village that stands in close proximity to Tadepalligudem. As the title already suggests this is not going to be your quintessential village that low-budget movies use to shoot songs, no. A war memorial stands at the centre of the village where people of the village and young army men on leave sit as a group and talk. Famously called ‘Military Madhavaram’, every household in this village will have at least one active military man, whereas some families have up to four.



Even though patriotism is what we Indians thrive on, there is a historical reason behind these villagers want to serve our country, which takes us back to the 17th century. When Deccan and Odisha regions were under the rule of Gajapathi dynasty, then king Pusapati Madhava Verma Brahma decided to build a fort in Arugolanu village, a few kilometres away from Madhavaram, and deploy soldiers from various regions to protect the kingdom from enemies. They were given lands and farms to make a living. Those soldiers participated in many historical wars including WWI and WWII. Later these soldier families migrated and formed the village of Madhavaram.



From then on, military and serving the country had become a duty and obvious career choice for the villagers. Even now, they manage to stay positive and dutiful. A newspaper interviewing them mentioned how enthusiastic the people are about being a part of this country’s struggle to keep away the enemies. No matter which side of the military debate you are on, you are not allowed to feel anything but respect for soldiers and this small, yet mighty village.


Here is a special story on the village, by I News.



And since the hero in the movie is an Army man, the team must of thought it would be respectful to the Army people to release the audio in Madhavaram and show some respect to them.


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