Meet Miheeka Bajaj, The Lady Who Said YES To Our Bhallaladeva, Rana


2020 start aina deggara nunchi, Okkatante okkati kuda good news vinnadhi ledhu. Andaram unanimous ga ‘f$#k 2020’ ane mood lo unnappudu our Rana babu dropped a picture on IG announcing his relationship and of course people were pleasantly surprised, So if you’re also wondering who’s this lady Miheeka Bajaj, Read ahead:

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And she said Yes 🙂 ❤️#MiheekaBajaj

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Miheeka is Founder of Dew Drop design studio:

“It’s a one stop solution for all design related projects. Right now our focus is on events but we take up a varied array of projects. We’ve done a few interior design related projects, we’ve done a bunch of events of all different kinds.” She said in an interview about her studio.

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Her mother, Bunty Bajaj is into jewellery design and owns the brand Krsala.

Born and brought up in Hyderabad:

Although she’s born and brought up in Hyderabad. She’s been shuffling between Hyderabad and Mumbai for 10 years for work purpose.


In an interview, She said,

‘Even though both cities are extremely different from each other, they each feel equally like home to me.’

‘Hyderabad keeps me sane and in touch with my roots. It’s such a warm and loving city with wonderful people that I’ve grown up with. Most people in Hyderabad are like extended family more than friends.’

‘Mumbai, on the other hand, inspires me immensely, and constantly has me on the go.’

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🌷 🌷 🌷#keukenhof 📷: @nakul_mehta

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She also holds a diploma in interior design from Rachna Sansad in Mumbai and has done her MA at the Chelsea University of Art and Design, London.


Foodie meets foodie:

Ramzan month vasthe Rana babu Charminar gallilo haleem thintu manaki news lo mast sarlu kanipinchi untaru. Antha crazy foodie mari. Turns out, Miheeka is a foodie too.


‘Food is a big passion of mine, and so cooking is one of my favourite hobbies. I also love reading books. ‘

‘I enjoy writing occasionally. And gifting. I love everything about gifts, from the presentation to finding the most apt gift to suit the person’s preferences. I plan on starting a company dedicated to luxury gifting in the near future.’ She said, In an interview.

Going by her Instagram bio, She even has a page named Pixie Dust where she writes.


Maname kadhandoi, Chala mandhi celebs kuda ee pleasant surprise chusi, Shock ayyi, Congratulate chesaru:





Hmm.. Chala gattiga shock ayyaru janalu, Nijam ga ne chala pedha suprise emo.


Anyway, Wishing all the best and love to this lovely couple

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