Ee Midnight Matches Ki Dandam Ra Ayya: Reactions Of Cricket Lovers Watching Midnight Cricket Matches

Thinnamaa padukunnama lechamaa annatu lekunda ee mid night late matches valla sleep cycle and food cycle rendu disturb avthunnai masteruu, mana India lo jarige matches ki ila em jaragadhu kani foreign countries (West Indies, England.. etc) lo jarige ODI’s thone bhadantha, so matter ipaatike ardham ayi untadi kadha, if you are a cricket lover and struggling to watch this late night matches, ee article mana kosame oh look eyandi.

My night shift friend:

Arey ivala IND vs WI match undi ra.

Me, after completing my dinner and 9 hours day shift be like:

Me while watching 1st innings of the match

Me during 2nd innings of the match.

Meanwhile my brain:

Arey paduko ra yedavaaa, malli podhune lechi login avvaliii..

Me thinking of watching late night matches and @#$% in incognito mode

Few moments later, my father:

Me in early morning at 12 PM after watching a late mid night match:

My cute mom giving cute punches:

My friend seeing the match memes next day morning after sleeping on entire match day.

My friend peeling when he watched the late night thriller match.

Yedhavaluu, okkadu kuda chusi undaru, manchi match asalu, memes chusi em ayindho thelusukuntunnaru, asalaina cricket fyaan ni ra nenu..

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