These Musings About “Mental Madhilo” Will Explain Why This Film Is A New Age Rom-Com!


It is very rare that, manam edanna movie chusi bayataki vasthunappudu face meeda oka chinna smile tho vastham. Oka chinna happiness, chala rojula tarwatha oka manchi feel unna cinema chusam ane feeling. Exactly, Mental Madhilo movie ayyaka, ventane vachina first thought ide. Manam telugu lo chala Rom-Com’s chusam, kani ‘Mental Madhilo’ will always be special and remembered for a long time, and here it is why.


Natural Performances & Brilliant Casting

Movie lo enni roles ithe unnayo, prathi okka role ki perfect casting jarigithe ela untundo, ee movie oka perfect example. Be it the hero, or the heroines, the other supporting actors, hero’s family, heroine’s family, andaru 100% justice chesaru.


No Clichés

Yes, and this is also one of the main reasons to call this film, ‘a coming of the age movie’, general ga mana movies lo chuse mass songs, huge set up hero entry shots, punch dialogues, routine comedy, ilanti routine formula based things emi ee movie lo levu.


Simplicity & Originality

This has to be the best thing about the movie, ee movie lo hero evarnanna kodithe vadu 10 feet dooram lo veli padadu, (in fact, ee movie lo alanti fight scenes levu anukondi, adi vere vishayam). In this movie, hero is a normal guy next door, manam ithani character tho baga relate avtham. Ithanu kuda oka common man laga mistakes chesthadu, confuse avthadu, pappu lo kalu vesthadu.

After a very long time, oka movie lo heroine ki intha importance unna role chusina feel vachindi, also Nivetha Pethuraj became crush coz of this character.


Blissful Music

Movie ki thaggattu ga, prathi scene ki soulful BGM baga convincing ga untadi. Slow ga, melodies ga, vinaga vinaga, adedo oka slow poison la ekkesthadi. No mass beats, no cut-chesthe-foreign lo-oka-beautiful location lo shots, anni situation ki thaggatu, movie tho patu, travel ayye songs. (pellichoopulu and Arjun Reddy laga anamata)


Brilliant Screenplay

Ee vishayam manaki baga eppudu anipisthadi ante, second half chusthunappudu. The way director connected all the subtle scenes from the first half of the movie, into the second is just splendid. Manam expect kuda cheyyam konni scenes ithe. Antha subtle ga untai. Movie chusina vaallaki ithe baga telsu, nenu ee scenes gurnichi matladuthunnano.



Oka chinna sweet story line, nothing unsual, and supernatural. Reality ki chala deggaraga untadi, aa pellichoopula scenes, the guy being unable to communicate with girls, prathi danilo confuse avvadam, movie lo parents characterizations, all these look so real, and are super relatable to any guy and girl who are in their 20’s and 30’s.


Okka mukka lo meeku baga connect ayye laga cheppali ante, ee movie oka feel-good cute love story to which both the mass and the class will relate their heart out to!After a long wait, Finally now the movie is streaming on Aha. Have a great show..


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