11 Important Menstrual Hygiene Tips Everyone Should Know For A Better Lifestyle

Every period is different, every blood flow is different.. either it is a heavy or normal flow, may be your pain is unbearable but, please be cautious when it comes to hygiene. I know chala mandhi girls ki telusu but laziness valla, pain valla, ah em kadhule ane feeling tho care sarigga tesukomu. Self care nundi Vagina care varaku what to do, what not to do ee muchatlu cheptanu randi..

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  • How often should we change pads:

It is not at all a good idea to go an entire day without changing pads. Even if your flow is light, bacteria can build up. So I advise you to change your pad for every 4-6 hours. If your flow is heavy change accordingly i.e., 2-3 hours. If the time is prolonged the blood becomes green and the fungus formed gets the uterus and body.

  • How to dispose sanitary pads:
  • Please dispose used pads safely.
  • Touching used pads is not safe for anyone.
  • It may cause effect to animals too.
  • Use toilet paper or newspaper to roll it up.
  • Make sure to tie the garbage cover tightly.
  • Do not flush the pad.
  • Cloth pads/Menstraul cups/Tampons:

Ee point first lone chepochu kadha anukuntaru but entha awareness isthuna still chala mandhi sanitary pads (plastic ) ye use chesthunaru. Just give it a try for menstrual cups, first meru comfortable ga unna place lo try cheyandi either it be a home or hostel. If meru still scary ga or uneasy ga  feel avthunte I’ll suggest you to use cotton pads/Cloth pads which are reusable. Especially me mothers ki ivi chala comfort and breathable ga untayi.

  • Cloth pads>>>>>>sanitary pads Why?

Yes, because cloth pads are eco- friendly, re-usable and of course save your money by 90%. Plastic pads can cause serious damage to your skin and are expensive.

For more details,Watch this “Menstraul cup for periods” video on Kirrak style, where Abhignya shared her personal experience.

Cloth pads online:

– Mentioning two instagram pages where you can get washale cloth pads and also please check thoroughly the website or the page before buying them. You can also use #clothpads (hashtag) to get more.

Vaginal cleansers:

Sanitary pads lo most of them first layer plastic avvadam valla skin ki chala effect avthundi. Some may get rashes, infections, redness, itching ala. Automatically telikunda cleansers, body washes use chesthamu. But, please consult a gyneocologist before using any vaginal cleansers. Out of personal experience let me tell you, they cause a lot of problems now or in the long run.

  • Warm shower:

Ma amma common ga cheppe dialogue.. snanam cheste sagam rogam tagginattu anipisthundi. Yes please do shower regularly. Ee pandemic valla, work from home situation valla shower delay chestaru.. but warm shower cheste hygiene ki hygiene, relief ki relief.

  • Panties:

Please avoid tight panties, it will cause more irritation down there. I’ll suggest to wear cotton and breathable panties during your periods. If possible keep your period panties separately and use them only when you’re on period.

  • Period Stain:

Period leak and period stain is very common. These are few quick tips to remove the period stain. Lemon, baking soda, vinegar, vetilo edhi available lo unte adhi stain medha apply chesi wash cheste maximum stains pothayi.

  • Vulva care:

If you have dry skin or rashes use a mild moisturizer or coconut oil on the outer vulva area. Make sure you’re applying on the outer side, not inside of your vulva. Use cotton panties and if possible avoid panties at night time (After period time) as it creates less friction. Try to wear loose clothes, keep it simple and take good care of your vulva.

  • Gyno Talk:

Meku avasaram unapude kakunda.. once a year general checkup is must . If your PMS get’s worst, having blood clots during period, unbearable pain, change of blood colour, heavy bleeding, breast pain.. don’t neglect and see a gynecologist without fail.

Period smell:

Some basic odour is pretty normal. It so happens that the ‘pH of the vagina’ along with ‘bacteria caused due to sweat’ produces odour. Avoid scented tampons, scented cleansers.

Wash your hands after changing a menstrual product. Rest is important. Intake healthy food. Do a little exercise. So yeah, these are some useful tips for menstrual hygiene that can help you. Ensuring proper hygiene is the key to ease the pain you go through as well as great way to have a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Hope this article helps you. By the way meku emaina extra points teliste comment cheyandi so that all girls will know kadha!! Have a happy and hygienic period my pretty woman.

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